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  1. Bianconero81

    AFCON 2019

    African Cup of Nations 2019! Any of you peasants watching this? Egypt, Cameroon, and Morocco have already been sent packing.
  2. Bianconero81

    Michael Jackson is Dead! RIP. A true Legend. :sad: :cry:
  3. Bianconero81

    The Official Moto GP Thread

    I can't believe there isn't a Moto GP thread. Who do you guys think is going to win this year? Will the great champion reign supreme, or will it be Casey Moaner? How about the chances of Lorenzo, Dovizioso, and of course Pedrosa? P.S: I think we also need to open a college basketball...
  4. Bianconero81

    A World 11

    I know, I am on a roll today when it comes to opening new threads! If you were assembling a team today (unlimited budget), who would you select? 11 starters and 11 subs. My 11: Buffon Maicon Vidic Carvalho Evra C. Ronaldo Essien Gerrard Messi Kaka Torres Subs: Cesar, Bosingwa, Chiellini...
  5. Bianconero81

    Top 5 Game Changing Players or Influencers

    Who, in your opinion, are currently the top 5 game changing players or influencers? 1) Messi 2) C. Ronaldo 3) Kaka 4) Steven Gerrard 5) Ibrahimobitch I rate them in that order, although 3-5 can be interchanged and alternated, depending on circumstances. Obviously, there are other great...
  6. Bianconero81

    Imagine if we could...

    Donate money to save Juve. I propose that all Juve fans across the globe donate $10 each to save our beloved club, and fund a magnificent transfer campaign. I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but I firmly believe if 16 of our 90 million or so fans (the number may be off, but I am aware that...
  7. Bianconero81

    Fabio Grosso DONE DEAL

    Grosso considers Serie A offers Tuesday 5 May, 2009 Italian international Fabio Grosso is targeted by the likes of Juventus and Milan for a return to Serie A. The left-back was a hero at the 2006 World Cup and has been plying his trade for Olympique Lyonnais in France. According to...