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  1. suligodsilla

    francesco acerbi

    he plays for chievo now but does he belong to milan? if not maybe we should like buy half of him, i like his moustache
  2. suligodsilla

    Video Project

    Hi guys, ok good, we will win the scudetto. i once mentioned it, but now i will introduce myself i live in austria and im a filmmaker haha. and i have a project and it would be awesome when you guys help me. and all you guys have cameras. my idea is that you guys watch the last game from...
  3. suligodsilla

    serie a highlights

    is there any site where i can download the highlights from serie a in decent lenght? all the matches.
  4. suligodsilla

    The player hair thread

    he guys another question maybe some of you talked already about it. I ask myself how camoranesi did that with his hair, they look since the world cup very waveless and polished. here photos to compare. if someone knows how he did that please post, all the stuff sound a little gay but...
  5. suligodsilla

    Tudor attacks "Heartless" Juve

    Tudor Attacks ‘Heartless’ Juve The Croatian defender was very harsh against his former side who just let him go on a free transfer this summer following 8 years with the Bianconeri. zoom - galleria Igor Tudor made some shocking comments from the training camp of Marburg against the...
  6. suligodsilla

    Santa Cruz

    What did i say?? Who laughed when i said that Santa Cruz is good?? He proved everybody wrong against Columbia instead of me:D i knew that he is underrated and a very very good player:stuckup:
  7. suligodsilla

    Nicola Legrottaglie

    I do not really visit this forum very match i dont post regularly. I dont have any time for that. But this Thread is very important to me haha:D :D i searched already the forum for a official Legro Thread but i didnt found one. So that was my Intro. Now to question why does Legro dont play...
  8. suligodsilla


    Sorry guys but i already searched if such topic exists but i didnt find one. Have you read the comment of Gigli: 'Crespo would deserve to play for Juve. We will win everything,’ says Cobolli Gigli in Corriero Dello sport. does anybody know something about that? was it a joke??? I like...
  9. suligodsilla

    REQ.: sheva goal chelsea

    he does someone has the goal?
  10. suligodsilla

    REQ.: Di Michele vs Udinese

    Does Somebody have di Michele's Freekick against Udinese in a good quality? Please post it
  11. suligodsilla

    Riquelme against Alaves

    He Guys im searching Riquelme's Goals against Alavas 3-2 from last Weekend. Can somebody tell me where i can find it or has it someone who could upload it? THX Edit/Delete Message
  12. suligodsilla

    REQ: Serie A DAY 28 Goals

    Hy Guys does somebody know how i can get the goals of the last weekend?
  13. suligodsilla

    Vote for Del Piero and 9 other player

    He guys cmon vote on this page for Del Piero: and 9 other player.
  14. suligodsilla

    qatar - argentina goals(england - argentina riquelme trick)

    does anybody know where i can find the goals and a trick from riquelme. i have a foto from the scene.
  15. suligodsilla

    Req: Serie A goals of day 4

    he please guys links or something
  16. suligodsilla

    Julio ricardo Cruz

    Does anybody have the goal??? But the whole goal not slow motion or his celebration please thx
  17. suligodsilla

    Serie A goals

    He Guys does anybody know where i can download the goals from other serie a games???? please
  18. suligodsilla

    Mutu goal(s) against Czech

    1-0 2-0
  19. suligodsilla

    Ariel Ortega goal against River Plate

    Does anybody have the goal? and upload it please
  20. suligodsilla

    Ronaldhino XI vs Sheva XI (Del Piero Goal)

    Does somebody have the goal please.