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  1. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    On field he is a quality player and would add value to us. I don't see him being used as a DM under Sarri. Pjanic has his name written all over that role. Actually think that isn't his best position however with Ramsey and Rabiot you would out him there as first option. Can is also an option in...
  2. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    You must be my long lost twin separated at birth.
  3. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    Both Rabiot and ramsey improve our midfield regardless but that's not a hard feat considering who we have. I would hate to think rabiot would mean no SMS or pogba. Unless Pjanic makes way for one of them.
  4. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    didn't realise you needed a body like an AFL footballer or Rugby player.
  5. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    Besides isla the others impressed in their first seasons.
  6. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    Well he isn't going to shatter Pereyra and say no I wont exercise the option to buy him unless he becomes a super star. Clearly loans like this have that option in it for a reason. As for Rabiot...if Vidal leaves I think we should aim for him now if we can.
  7. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    Considering Rabiot is still a no one, would certainly hope it is more than just a few millions. I'm thinking Pastore would be the guy to aim for if Lich was going to PSG.
  8. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    Best case scenario for is.
  9. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    problem with having a policy of pursuing young players is that if those players have the hype and are considered quality you end up paying for them. Their wages are not high which is the bonus but you still pay a premium for getting that good young player with "potential" to become world class...
  10. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    fuk should be banned from reporting anything about transfers.
  11. Adrien Rabiot - CM - PSG

    If our midfield remains as Pirlo, pogba and vidal then he'll be on bench so other offers where is may be guaranteed to start may become a deciding factor. Unless formations and tactics change to implement him in but I highly doubt that Conte would have him in his starting plans. But I...