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  1. Juve_fanatic

    Merih Demiral

    how much do you guys think this injury will affect his physicality and tackles?
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 2-2 Atalanta [July 11th, 2020]

    Big teams win these games with so much at stakes..... lets see
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    Premier League 2019/20

    Bruno and Pogba are pairing up nicely so far and some good youngsters are comming out. If they could improve a bit on their defence and probably change one of Rushford or Martial for a better player, they will be a top team next season. Or even if they dont change the starting line-up, their...
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 2-2 Atalanta [July 11th, 2020]

    Zapata....... OMG!! That striker is our fucking nightmare.
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    Leonardo Bonucci

    That pussyesque move he does when one-on-one with an attacler where he just makes this funny side-turn and just stands in front od the attacker with his leg streched a bit behind him is the funniest and most uneffective defensice move i have ever seen in my entire life. Like a balerina.
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    [Serie A] Milan 4-2 JUVENTUS [July 7th, 2020]

    I didnt watch the game, only the highlights, i had a severe case of a stomach virus. Bonucci and Alex Sandro :sergio: There is a reason why Alex Sandro is my most disliked player in this current Juve. We got humiliated. Well played Milan.
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    Mario Mandžukić

    BRING HIM!!!!
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 4-1 Torino [July 4th, 2020]

    Lazio are on our ass. We need to win this shit.
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    Happy 4th of July America. May God have mercy on you.
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    F**k Trump, f**k Trump supporeters, f**k everyone who voted for Trump, and f**k Trump again.
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    Rodrigo Bentancur

    Did Benta really say "We finally played like Sarri told us he wants us to play."???
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    Carlo Pinsoglio

    I dont understand how he is close with everybody? Did CR7 go and celebrated his goal with him last night? Like, it seemed like he specifically looked for where Pinsoglio was at and ran towards him. Why? 1593609691 Probably because he obciously wemt to CR7s hair clinic?
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    Primavera & U17 - 2019/20

    Damn, we sold Pablo Moreno. Wasnt that the kid from Barcelona who was scoring goals left and right in the youth ranks? We signed this dude with the money. Some Portuguese talent.
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    Two of my Barca fans friends called me today to congratulate me on this transfer and said that they cant believe how we manages to play Barca so badly.
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    Arthur - CM - Barcelona

    Im not the kind of guy to get hyped by a Youtube compilation from a certain players' skills and moves, but something that i really, really like from the Arthur videos is his vision and passes. He will being here that much needed offensive passes that we severely lack at the moment cause i have...
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    So, when does transfer period start? When can players start moving to new clubs?
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    Paulo Dybala

    Lukaku has only scored 2 of those 19 goals from penalties, while Dybala has scored 1 of those 8 goal from penalties. Sadly, your argument is false. 1593165274 Im not his agent, but i hate hating just for hating' sake. Lukaku has been amazing this season, and you cant take that away from him, no...
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    Paulo Dybala

    The Big Belgian Oaf you're speaking of has 19 goals and 2 assists, while the Argentinian ant doesnt even have double digits goal tally. You should show some respect.
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    Miralem Pjanić

    "Deadly pass"? What deadly passes is CR7 thinking preciisely of? The ones Pjanic is doing to our defenders when it xould be deadly for Juventus if the oposition cut a that pass?