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  1. juvetrainer

    Del Piero and Trezeguet

    dont worry, i wont talk about crisis whatsoever. in the last game against Perugia, I notice something different. DP and Trez not supporting each other. IMO, DP is too selfish. I think he wanna show-off and make a goal to tell whos "the best" on Juve. his cross to Trez too awful. if continue...
  2. juvetrainer

    Match Against Poverty

    i read it on local newspaper, there will be a charity game held in Swiss. Ronaldo and Zidane will be on different team. other world class players also invited, not forgetting "the fastest man on earth". Nike and Adidas will be the sponsor. anyone have more info about this game?
  3. juvetrainer

    help me pls

    can anyone help me? translate these two song... 1. No Me Ames by J-Lo and Marc Anthony 2. Tu Sei La Squadra Del Cuore (Juve Song) please...... i cant understand Italian and Spanish. thanks
  4. juvetrainer

    Girls love Soccer

    i'm not talking about the world cup but talking about many girls in the world who love soccer but they cant enjoy it or play it cos people around them think girls who love soccer is a weird girl. maybe this condition not happen to you, but this is happen to me. if i watch (for example) Juve...
  5. juvetrainer

    Juve back to PINK ????

    guys, check this out!
  6. juvetrainer

    Total Club Manager 2003

    this is the new football manager game i play. maybe kinda late to play this cos season 03/04 is coming. but this game is COOL ! we can do an interview, before or after the game (well, not always). we can talk to player (unfortunatelly, only 3 talks in one week and we can talk to the same player...
  7. juvetrainer


    anybody here know something about Chelsea goalkeaper, Carlo Cudicini ? all i know about him are his current club and nationality. stupid, huh?!
  8. juvetrainer


    anyone here know something about Sebastian Stahl ??? all i know about him, he's michael and ralf schumacher's half brother.
  9. juvetrainer

    Formula 1

    five days to european grand prix. michael schumacher leads kimi raikkonen with three points. both of them are very confident to win the grand prix. but schumi have an advantage at this week grand prix. he'll play at home. so, who you think will win whe grand prix and why ?