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  1. Tomice

    Mafia 2020 - Find the carrier

    It was just another dry, windy afternoon in the small town of Tuzville, US of A, a few miles north of the Mexican border. Talk of a new Chinese virus hitting the states side was the problem of liberals in the west and people with passports, nothing to be bothered with for the hard working men...
  2. Tomice

    Mafia game: Covid- 19 edition?

    Hi boys and boys, Climbing walls being stuck at home, how about throwing a game for good all times? @GordoDeCentral @Fred @Völler @Maddy @Salvo @HaeWTFisnameborger @Alen @Kyle @ALC @Osman @campionesidd @Klin @radekas @Wittl @Ocelot @piotrr @Sheik Yerbouti @Fr3sh :andyandbarcelona: @blondu...
  3. Tomice

    Where Tuz is headed / The Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Player Thread Trolls

    A bit self-indulging but please bear with me... My first visit to this forum was in 2007. At our darkest time as a club, feeling like the only Juve fan in the world, I found Tuz. It became my homepage a week after that and for almost 6 years since not a single day went by without me here...