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  1. Creating an iOS + Android app for my community!

    I had several points which are important to me. 1 - First I needed my own app with real time chat and private messaging including the ability to send push notifications that can be downloaded from the app stores by my users and seen in mobile (all versions) so I narrowed down the search for...
  2. Creating an iOS + Android app for my community!

    I am thinking about having an iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android app for my community. I have had some requests from users because they think it will be easier to talk to the other members, ask questions and view various content I create. Does anyone have their own iOS and Android app for their...
  3. Your favourite movie director?

    I like young director in India "Raj Chakraborty" Even I have seen some of the films directed by him. Really amazing and enjoying.
  4. Books you're reading

    Reading right now 19th century literature.
  5. Microsoft Windows 8

    Does anyone here is facing virus problem after using Windows 8? For me I am using this over 1 years and no antivirus installed there. My PC is getting slower day by day. What's the solution?
  6. Android

    Great fan of Android device. I love Android because it's great theme.
  7. Euro 2016 General Discussion Thread

    Which one is the best goal so far? I am interested to know.
  8. Welcome to the Juventuz Forums

  9. Welcome to the Juventuz Forums

    Hello all, I am new guy here. I would like to introduce myself with the community here. Please accept me. Thanks!