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  1. renobambino82

    Serie A & Bundesliga

    A thread for both Serie A & Bundesliga [emoji629][emoji634] Sent from my SM-A530W using Tapatalk
  2. renobambino82

    Are World Cup titles from the past considered useless now?

    There has always been this debate that World cup victories from the past shouldn't be recognized anymore and are basically useless, is this statement true? What do you all think? Sent from my SM-A530W using Tapatalk
  3. renobambino82

    The Honors Of Serie A!!!!

    UEFA titles won by Serie A[emoji471][emoji634] 12 UEFA Champions League Titles 9 UEFA Europa League Titles 9 UEFA Super Cup Titles *Disclaimer* Just to make it clear to everybody here right now, I ain't an AC China fan nor a Ac China troll. I've been supporting Juve for many years now, ever...