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    I bought the Microsoft Zune instead of the Ipod last week. Problem, the software won't install. It said Windows Media Center XP needs updating, need to update the Roll Up 2 Update. I downloaded it, but it won't install. It starts the installation process but after a while it says it can't...
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    Trini Squad

    Who Cares right? Trinidad & Tobago World Cup squad: Goalkeepers: Shaka Hislop (West Ham United) Clayton Ince (Coventry City) Kelvin Jack (Dundee FC) Defenders: Marvin Andrews (Rangers) Atiba Charles (W Connection) Ian Cox (Gillingham) Cyd Gray (San Juan Jabloteh)...
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    Ruud van Nistelrooy is a son of a biatch

    Juventus star Patrick Vieira has launched an astonishing attack on Ruud van Nistelrooy in his autobiography, labelling the Manchester United striker “a cheat and a coward”. Vieira, who quit Arsenal for Juventus in the summer, makes it clear that the Dutch international became his number one...
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    Wome: I could have died

    Inter defender Pierre Wome claims he could have been killed after his missed penalty cost Cameroon a 2006 World Cup place. The left-back failed to convert a late spot-kick in the qualifier against Egypt at the weekend, an error which infuriated fans. Wome had to be smuggled out of the...
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    Have any of you tried that stuff? I tried it for the first time just now and it is fuc&king f^ucked up sh%t. I was in a different dimension, a different world.
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    So many plane crashes

    Is this scaring people to fly? There was one today in Venezuela. Scary stuff. One two days or so ago in Greece. One last week or two in Canada. Alot of small planes too, people who go to my school. What's going on?
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    A nice clip with Maradona needed

    Okay, for my speech class I need to well, do a speech on someone. I choose Maradona. What I am looking for here is a small, very small, a minute or something video about Maradona. Just to let the audience since who he is, possible some goals. Anything. Any ideas?
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    What's your tuition like?

    I'm curious. All of you students, current or former, even future, I am wondering what's the cost of your tuition. Mines insanely high. I am doing one summer class, Communcations 219 which is basically, "Speech". The course is six weeks. I am paying a wopping $3,000 for one flicking course.
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    A Vieri useless signing by Milan

    Milan have today announced the capture of Italian international striker Christian Vieri on a two-year deal. Football Italia reported last night that a move was on the horizon and the Rossoneri have confirmed the whispers on Tuesday. Vieri, who had his contract at city rivals Inter...
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    The Orange Sky

    Mark my words. My friends are going to be famous world wide soon. You heard it first from me.
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    Does anyone have a link where I can download CATIA?
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    Rui Costa in crash scare

    Manuel Rui Costa’s private jet was in an emergency landing at Milan’s Malpensa Airport this afternoon and the player has spoken of his shock. The midfielder, celebrating his 33rd birthday today, was returning from a holiday in Sharm El Sheik with his wife, two children, parents, his brother...
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    This song, maybe you can help me.

    Yow, yeah, I had this song that I really liked in my head but I didn't know the name or artist but I remember the part of the song "let's come together, right now, yeah, in sweet harmony" so I googled it and eventually got the song. The Beloved - Sweet Harmony However its the same song but...
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    Why Roma is so messed up

    Their lawyer is a Juventino :D Roma have confirmed that they will appeal against the decision to ban them from their home stadium in the Coppa Italia. The Giallorossi have been told that they must play their next cup tie, against Fiorentina, on a neutral ground and behind closed doors...
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    Anyone got a copy or link to Maple either version 7 or up? I have a project to do for Friday and I am looking for Maple. Maple - You know, the math program thingy.
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    The bugger finally gave in

    Why Martin, You finally realised that Lazio is the best team in the world and its time to sell your site?
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    Meet the Fockers

    Meet the Parents was just plain hilarious so if this is anywhere near as good it's a must see. The name of the movie is great and those people are brave. When is it releasing or is it released already? It's crazy, the radio people actually say "Focker" on the air.
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    The cost of Calcio

    Italian football may be aware of the financial crisis in the sport but debt in the game continues to rise. An investigation by the ‘La Repubblica’ newspaper claims that debt affecting Serie A clubs has risen by 14 per cent in the last year – now totalling a massive £360m. Only the...
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    Just Saw Saw

    Or is it just seen Saw? Wierd movie. Poor acting. Really poor and fake acting. Anyone "saw" it?
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    Quebec vs Vancouver

    I would like to get some personal views on these two places. More precisely, Montreal vs Vancouver. Where do you think is a nicer place to live? Better night life? Better atmosphere. I ask someone who's from Toronto. They told me people from Quebec, the French-Canadians, are kind of stuck...