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    how to stop spam bot

    Stop Forum Spamers Lot of black-hat seo, link builders and stupid webmasters found posting links to their web site on message board and guest book is easy to drive traffic to their web site. Now there are virus, worms and spambots, that can signup your message board and get listed on your...
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    The Official Hip-Hop Thread, Nukkah!

    since reggae, rock and co. got a thread is say let rap get one. so post all on the latest music coming out in the industry.
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    famous people that support juve.

    it pretty simple, find one non football player, that a support of juve. has to be actor, singer, etc. anybody famous.
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    Berlusconi goes clubing

    The Italian president was seen leaving the Lotus night club in Milan and he was quickly met by the waiting press pack. Rather than speeding off with his bodyguards, Berlusconi decided to stay back and explain the situation, perhaps delighted with the talent he picked up on the night, but it's...
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    hello, my name is Maia. new here, big jve supporter since 1993, live in argentina and just wanted to say hi.