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  1. kairobo

    How about we rate our Juve players for FIFA 14?

    the way you think they will/should be rated:
  2. kairobo

    Juventus Turin is the number one money maker in last years Champions league season

    1. Juventus Turin 65,315 Millionen Euro 2. Bayern München 55,046 3. Borussia Dortmund 54,161 4. AC Mailand 51,357 5. Real Madrid 48,441 6. FC Barcelona 45,508 7. Paris St. Germain 44,690 8. Manchester United 35,555 9. Montpellier HSC 32,352 10. FC Malaga 32,107 due to the fact that...
  3. kairobo

    Juventus fans are racist right wingers...

    ...aperantly when I belive that guy from another forum. Heres what he wrote: "Half of the Italian football ultras (hardcore supporters) are right-winged, the other half is left-winged. So there will be enough matches for Mario where he doesn't get the racist songs to his head...
  4. kairobo

    Do you cheat on Juve or have you ever cheated on them?

    my hometown club is black white bregenz. they are bancrupt all the time so I never got into them. when I was very young I rooted for LASK Linz, but they got bancrupt to multiple times and are currently in 3rd division. they spent most of the last decade in minor amateur leagues, so i...
  5. kairobo

    Second Son

    PS4 exclusive action adventure
  6. kairobo

    Final Fantasy 15

    I think I waited for this for 6 years, comming next year hopefully
  7. kairobo

    The Division

    game of the show for me
  8. kairobo

    PS4, Wii U or Xbox one?

    Whats your choice? Did you follow the current discussion and events like E3? I will choose PS4 because I take the cheeper console and dont like that I have to be online once a day with xbone, I dont like kinect and I like to rent games. And because the Wii U doesnt have the great graphics...
  9. kairobo

    Help me find a Juventus jersey

    I have been searching the net for a 98-99 zidane jersey with red numbers on the back. but I cant find one. Its not that important that its from zidane, but it would be an extra. whats immportant is that it has the numbers and that it costs around 100 bucks, is medium or is even cheaper...
  10. kairobo

    Does anyone like 90s skate punk?

    you know NOFX, Pennywise, Offspring, mxpx, Bad religion I always had times in my life where i listen to that extremley often, then I go back to something random like bob marley or daft punk or psychobilly
  11. kairobo

    Can we get multiple players money wise?

    I dont know if that is a stupid question or if I am allowed to make this thread. i am new but I wonder, if they really want the team at the next level could we get higuain and Jovetic in the same offseason? can they afford that or do we end talks if we get one?