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  1. The NBA Thread

    We play Inter at the same time. [emoji38]
  2. The NBA Thread

    Where do you live? The clippers game is at 8:30PM CET
  3. The NBA Thread

    Yeah, we were far from convincing. Add to that some ref calls that went our way in the last couple of minutes.
  4. The NBA Thread

    I really really hate helicopters
  5. The NBA Thread

    Hopefully she is right.
  6. The NBA Thread

    Pls GOD no!!!
  7. The NBA Thread

    Mine too.
  8. The NBA Thread

    This ruined my fucking day [emoji26][emoji26][emoji26]
  9. The NBA Thread

    Wait, we won without Lebron and AD? [emoji38]
  10. The NBA Thread

    Yeah, the article was poorly written.
  11. The NBA Thread It will be funny as hell if he decides to sign for another team after we traded all our talented players to get him. :baus:
  12. The NBA Thread

    Speaking of refs
  13. The NBA Thread

    First Lakers and NBA match I watched in a long time and ofc Lakers had to lose. :D Doncic is fucking amazing. Somebody must have mentioned it, he makes things look effortless. I wish game times were more convenient, I'd probably watch way more games. NBA is way more entertaining than football...
  14. The NBA Thread

    And here I thought that he would help the Lakers a lot next season. Even read and interview of him that his quad is 100% healed. This is fucked up, seriously. I wish him a speedy recovery, but don't think he will have any will to continue playing ball anymore.
  15. The NBA Thread

  16. The NBA Thread

    When is the deadline for free agents? Sorry for these questions but I never really understood how NBA works. Thank to Sergio I learned a bit, though.
  17. The NBA Thread

    Lel No thanks.
  18. The NBA Thread

    So who are we geting?
  19. The NBA Thread

    I really hope we get Kahwi or Kyrie.
  20. The NBA Thread

    He had no right to push him. But some calling for him to be banned for life in twitter is just pathetic.