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  1. Patrik Schick

    when will be his next health test?
  2. Patrik Schick

    when there's no official news, then it's all rumors (I hope!) unless we have the official announcement from Juve!
  3. Patrik Schick

    :lol: that moment when Beppe texted samp boss : "sorry! I don't have the money now! so ....." - - - Updated - - - this part :lol:
  4. Patrik Schick

    :lol: :lol: I just imagine this post as if it was a movie and I can't stop laughing! if only we could write a movie script of this :D Imagine the trailer : *an action music starts* >>>> cut to fax machine and the sound of printing >>>>> and so on :lol:
  5. Patrik Schick

    :lol: uhhh, and those are so slowww !
  6. Patrik Schick

    I guess there was a minor issue with samp Paypal account and Juve couldn't transfer the money !!