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  1. yuvay

    Mauro Icardi - ST - *****

    Doubt he comes to Juve...any reliable sources?
  2. yuvay

    New Juve coach: Part Deux

    Just talked to the new coach, cant tell you who it is (classified) he told me Ronoldo will now be a defender/midfielder, Chielini is moving into the midfield, he told me he likes him on the ball, Pianic will be sold for a pack of smokes, WE will be paying some random team in brazil to take...
  3. yuvay

    Leonardo Bonucci

    Bonnuci is one of the best passing defenders, and one of the best defenders in all of football. 1554839479 Ohhh, and Calcio Mercato is a joke, not credible at all, BS clickbait website.
  4. yuvay

    Daniele Rugani

  5. yuvay

    Massimiliano Allegri

    I for one like Allegri, the coach's lately are getting too much of the blame instead of the players not executing on the field properly.
  6. yuvay

    Leonardo Spinazzola

    Man this guy stepped up big time, he was given the opportunity and he took full advantage, smart plays, great on the ball, amazing technique, I look forward to seeing him play more often.
  7. yuvay

    [CL] JUVENTUS 3-0 Atlético de Madrid [March 12th, 2019]

    We played the perfect game, our boys didnt let us down, Spinazzola was amazing, keep him, give him more chances and start Sandro on the bench, what a game im still on a adrenaline high!!!!! all the non believeres here who were talking down on our boys, go buy an INTER shirt and cancel your...
  8. yuvay

    [CL] JUVENTUS 3-0 Atlético de Madrid [March 12th, 2019]

    Athletico does not tire out.......LETS GO JUVE!!!!!! all you negative little babies, get the **** out of here......the real Juve fans and ones backing us, good or bad times, keep up the positive energy and vibes, we got this, i believe in our team and our coach, lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. yuvay

    Blaise Matuidi

    Not happy with him lately
  10. yuvay

    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    So many so called fans, we loose one game and they all turn on the team and manager, we dont need fans like you. Go support another team.
  11. yuvay

    [Serie A] Bologna 0-1 JUVENTUS [February 24th, 2019]

    After watching this game, were in trouble, if this team shows up on march 13th, you can forget about beating Athletico. I think were getting tired, chemistry is really off.
  12. yuvay

    Miralem Pjanić

    should have kept marchisio smh
  13. yuvay

    Rodrigo Bentancur

    not a world class player, some got mad when I said this long ago. he just doesnt have it, hes an ok player.
  14. yuvay

    Leonardo Bonucci

    The whole team played collectively bad, they need to do something fast
  15. yuvay

    Blaise Matuidi

    no chemistry, playing scared, never had the confidence to win this game, i felt it from the start, i love Juve, my heart and my team forever, but today, they deserved to loose, they need to learn, and improve, or this season is pretty much over, nobody cared about the seria a title honestly, we...
  16. yuvay

    Mattia Perin

    He had a bad game, lets give him another chance.
  17. yuvay

    [Coppa Italia] Atalanta 3-0 JUVENTUS [January 30th, 2018]

    Can played horrible vs lazio, and now Concelo played like crap today, along with the most of the team
  18. yuvay

    [Coppa Italia] Atalanta 3-0 JUVENTUS [January 30th, 2018]

    Why are we trying to sign a 37 year old? we did we let Andrea Favili go?
  19. yuvay

    [Coppa Italia] Atalanta 3-0 JUVENTUS [January 30th, 2018]

    by far the worst game we have played this season, 1 shot on goal, costly errors, no team chemistry, horrible night, lets go boys!!!! bring back that fire from early on in the season.
  20. yuvay

    Paulo Dybala

    Madrid making a move for $116? 1548207183 GOAL is reporting it