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  1. Federico Bernardeschi

    those are nasty kind of issues, especially for a dynamic player like Berna, hopefully he can put it behind him. Cuads seems to have healed well from his groin issues from early in the year
  2. Federico Bernardeschi

    didn't see the game, but from highlights it looks like Berna was super-wasteful against Poland
  3. Federico Bernardeschi

    I wouldn't pick Berna over Isco as well, even if I like Berna a lot. But for anyone who has watched both players, I think it's clear that Berna strikes the ball so much better, Isco shoots like a little girl, don't think he has ever scored a goal from 30 meters or more here: not a single...
  4. Federico Bernardeschi

    those stairs don't look very heavenly lol
  5. Federico Bernardeschi

    We're not Fiorentina :lol:
  6. Federico Bernardeschi

    seriously, Mandzukic in Serie A last season, you'd describe him as a warrior? :D at one point last season even Allegri, one of his bigger fans, took a jab at Mario saying that he just stands still and goes into energy-saving mode when things are looking fine for us
  7. Federico Bernardeschi

    Berna had more g+a than Mandzukic in Serie A while playing three times less, how would you describe Mario then?
  8. Federico Bernardeschi

    didn't witness all of Nedveds career, only the second half of it, but the things that struck me the most about him was that sexy first touch, his thunderous long shots and what an athlete that guy was. all of those are something that requires basic talent/genetics, but also all of them are...
  9. Federico Bernardeschi

    Thats a light mid, but if they can keep the ball for long periods it might work. No idea how good of a regista is Can, but I know that Pjanic doesnt work on LCM
  10. Federico Bernardeschi

    Cuads moving to RB, Berna to CM can only happen if someone else fills the numbers upfront and that's expensive. I'd expect only one of their transformations is realistically taking place, otherwise Costa, Dybala, Morata, Mandžukič and a filler like Pjaca/Kean/whatever isn't enough for the 3...
  11. Federico Bernardeschi

    our medical staff will kill him :( they decided to not have the surgery in mid February and his knee keeps proving them wrong
  12. Federico Bernardeschi

    So Berna shifted to midfield, Cuads to RB and Beppe again can splash it all on attackers? :beppe:
  13. Federico Bernardeschi

    How on earth did they manage to leave out male and female? :D I mean those 2 still exist right? :shifty:
  14. Federico Bernardeschi

    true, comparing Serie A and EPL pace of the game it would seem logical that fitness and physicality reliant EPL teams would get a larger amount of injuries, yet somehow Juve with all their energy conserving are in constant injury crisis
  15. Federico Bernardeschi

    of course not, we're at a point where we barely have a healthy front 3 and a shitload of games coming up, we're probably going to be borrowing players from other positions like LBs and CMs to fill our front 3. but who knew that every single one of our attackers would pick up some sort of injury...
  16. Federico Bernardeschi

    Yeah, and? You've never made mistakes in your life lol?
  17. Federico Bernardeschi

    Lol at people automatically assuming a guy is a homophobe if he doesnt want Berna to be gay. I personally wouldnt like for Juve to be the flag bearer when football eventually comes out of the closet, and its been like 3 years since I last identified myself as homophobe
  18. Federico Bernardeschi

    with the form he's in, I'm praying Higuain is back on time, we need him banging goals if we are to beat Spurs. Mandžukič should start on the bench though
  19. Federico Bernardeschi

    y, it takes a lot of top level experience to go far in Europe, Sarri just doesn't have that, if he can't make an impact in Europe with his Napoli side, I doubt he would with Juve, at least not in the first years of that hypothetical tenure
  20. Federico Bernardeschi

    terrible news that he's out for a month, we're getting really thin upfront, Higuain, Dybala, Mandžukič, Cuadrado, Berna and Costa suddenly looks like hardly enough for 3 positions