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  1. Mario Mandžukić

    only thing he offers is frustration.
  2. Mario Mandžukić

    well, he is quite a nuisance whom just extended his contract with a big pay rise.
  3. Mario Mandžukić

    only player getting rewarded for being utter shit, and players like dybala, kean and costa sitting on bench watching this timber jogging around.
  4. Mario Mandžukić

    i know another ''striker'' whom would have been called legend here. his name was carsten jancker. first of many strikers who can't score a goal.
  5. Mario Mandžukić

    what does this have anything to do with this topic? seems you are the one stuck with a stick in anus.
  6. Mario Mandžukić

    €5.5m a season plus bonuses - an increase of €1m from his previous salary totally undeserved.
  7. Mario Mandžukić

    it wouldn't be a surprise if ronaldo requests a transfer upon learning that he will have to work with a huge traffic cone for another year.
  8. Mario Mandžukić

    ffs enough with this guy. he never had the talent, now he is barely able to run. let it go.
  9. Mario Mandžukić

    has to go this summer.
  10. Mario Mandžukić

    croatian amauri
  11. Mario Mandžukić

    i hope he follows marotta to inter.
  12. Mario Mandžukić

    fuck bayern for taking him out of his natural habitat that is wolfsburg.
  13. Mario Mandžukić

    He is not a legend and i hope management finds a way to sell him this summer, because of it's the last exit before the ''leave for free'' bridge.
  14. Mario Mandžukić

    Nedved was a warrior too. you need someone who can kick a ball properly, this is not wrestling.
  15. Mario Mandžukić

    He is a striker with less ability with ball then the guy in your avatar.
  16. Mario Mandžukić

    both should fuck off to cagliari, the place they deserve.
  17. Mario Mandžukić

    unbearably clumsy
  18. Mario Mandžukić

    he sucks both as striker and as winger, to be honest. he who thinks otherwise is fooling himself because of sentimental reasons. if we had to sell him now, there is no way a top class team will make an offer but likes west ham and go ahead eagles.
  19. Mario Mandžukić

    very nice and important goal
  20. Mario Mandžukić

    he is horrible, should not be starting against even verona.