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  1. Stefano Sturaro

    I don't appreciate some of things being said about Stefano in his own thread. While i do appreciate and respect your differing opinions (@Seven) Stefano seems like a good lad to me. He has a strong work ethic, is well liked by his teammates, kept his head down and never complained about the...
  2. Stefano Sturaro

    Perfect, let him get that EPL stamp of approval and if all goes well, he'll be the next Danny Drinkwater
  3. Stefano Sturaro

    ah, ok, thanks for the correction :tup:
  4. Stefano Sturaro

    he didn't go to USA, probably because we want to move him on. the last time I saw him was when he congratulated CR7 on arriving
  5. Stefano Sturaro

    The only reason we keep this guy over someone like Mandragora is that Rolando probably can fetch us more money
  6. Stefano Sturaro

    dude has been on a steady decline ever since he joined us at the start of 2015
  7. Stefano Sturaro

    RB - check LM - check RM - check CM - check DM - check CF - check can't wait for the day he puts on a goalie's jersey
  8. Stefano Sturaro

    I don't think it's a fluke, he's just better suited to us giving up possession against strong sides and soaking up the pressure, unluckily for Sturaro we play maybe 6 games like that per season. :D I'm not suggesting he's good or anything, but his strong suits definitely involve running without...
  9. Stefano Sturaro

    Stu lives for big CL games, his best performances for us were against Bayern and Real. It remains to be seen if he considers Spurs big enough to show up though :P
  10. Stefano Sturaro

    For me Molinaro definitely was worse than this guy, the difference in quality among our starting 11 during Ranieri years was incredible, we were half world class and half lower midtable
  11. Stefano Sturaro

    does he? maybe in theory he can play LW, RB, CAM and whatnot, but I don't think I want to see him anywhere bar CM, there's no threat from him in attacking positions and way too much threat in defensive positions. for three years probably not, but I would rather give chance to someone who could...
  12. Stefano Sturaro

    He'll be 25, hardly a youngster anymore. He's not good enough, I'd rather have someone with potential ator CM or someone reliable at RB
  13. Stefano Sturaro

    imagine Sturaro in a high tempo passing game where he'd have less time to control and release the ball, he's the least epl player we have, or 2nd after Khedira
  14. Stefano Sturaro

    Makes no sense for us to do it in January, our starting midfield trio is Khedira-Pjanic-Matuidi for whom the back-ups are Bentancur, who usually plays as a Pjanič replacement, broken Marchisio and Sturaro, who's essentially the only one who can give Matuidi a chance to rest. yeah, we will play...
  15. Stefano Sturaro

    @Pablo how are you feeling about this? will he start for Everton eventually?
  16. Stefano Sturaro

    He's a decent CM, would start for at least half of Serie A sides in the middle of the park. He just has nothing to offer to a team like Juve, not good enough. Looks like we might stay with the 3 man midfield formation, so this guy is a necessary back-up option until the end of season, but...
  17. Stefano Sturaro

    He has the right attitude, but that's about it, not much else, hopefully I'll never have to witness him at RB again.
  18. Stefano Sturaro

  19. Stefano Sturaro

    really expected him to do better at RB, but the guy is a disaster there, it's like we're playing a 10yo at RB and suddenly the RW, RCM and RCB are all concerned how to best protect this little puppy. to be honest I'd rather change formation to something that has Cuads/Costa and Sandro on the...
  20. Stefano Sturaro

    we need someone to sit at the far end of the bench, Sturaro is surely good and cheap enough for that. I just wish our first hand options like Marchisio and Khedira weren't so fragile, looks like Stefano will soon see some unexpected game time if injuries continue to rip apart our midfield