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    Antonio Conte is ready to return to Juventus after 5 seasons, He will sign a contract worth €8m/year with the Italian champions. [@Sport_Mediaset]
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    #Conte : priority #Juventus , will wait for black and white before making final decisions. #Roma on the upside, likes the team and met the Giallorossi, stand by with #Inter#calciomercato #Conte : 'In June I return to the bench. I choose the project, not the budget '
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    Antonio Conte is reportedly close to becoming the new coach of #Chelsea after #Euro2016 via @AAlciato (Sky)
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    :tup: Look at this
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    Under-21 Coach Di Biagio and Italy women’s national team Coach Cabrini
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    From the press conf :
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    - - - Updated - - - Conte press conference live now
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    3-5-2 :D
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    Antonio Conte has played down controversy over the involvement of sponsors in funding his contract as Italy Coach. Facing the media, questions were raised on the ethics behind having national team sponsors Puma fund a majority share of his supposed €4.1m base annual salary.
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    Q: How many Scudetti has Juventus won? Conte : "The ones that matter to me are the 8 that I won." Q: Would you like your players to have the spirit they had at Juve? Conte : "That spirit I had in all my teams not just Juve, starting from Arezzo, Bari, Atalanta, Siena & then at Juventus."
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    Conte: - - - Updated - - - Conte "I have read many things about my departure from Juventus, but simply it is just an experience which ended after 3 years." - - - Updated - - - Conte on Juve "We tried, but like with a couple, something had broken."
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