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  1. Luis Nani - Winger - Manchester United

    Merda looking to Nani:
  2. Marco 'The Escape Goat' Motta

    Just option to buy - as if!
  3. Mirko Vučinić

    Anyone thinks that Conte wants to try Guarin as a winger?
  4. Paul Pogba

    Another rumour with a higher price: - - - Updated - - -
  5. J Stadium/Allianz

    It has been in place for some time, but I'm not sure if any italien clubs have put the system in place.
  6. Primavera 2012-13 (+ Allievi Nazionali & others)

    And two kids down... :o/
  7. Primavera 2012-13 (+ Allievi Nazionali & others)

    I see that we are trailing 0-1 now. A deserved result so far??
  8. J Stadium/Allianz

    That makes sence, since the revenue then will be ranked in order - it would be weird to place the ones with most revenue second.
  9. Massimo Carrera

    A nice profile of 'Stand-in-Conte':
  10. Antonio Conte

    I do not want to be carried away, but one could argue that the sentence It’s understood that the decision was taken in order to give Conte’s legal team more time to gather evidence. means that IF the lawyers can prove their arguments THEN the verdict might have a positive flavour...
  11. [Champions League] Chelsea 2-2 JUVENTUS (19th September 2012)

    Work, work, work! Solid game resulting in a well deserved point in a very difficult match. It sure didn't come from nothing! Five Juve players (MVP, Barzagli and Chiello) running more than Chelski's 'top-runner' (Lampard) and a total of 119,5 km for the entire team against Chelski's 109 km...
  12. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    Som I da kan... :P
  13. Serie B: Cesena vs Juventus [05-06-2007]

    1-2! Trez and Neddy!
  14. [Serie B] Juventus - Napoli [10-04-2007] (postponed for NT play from 25-03)

    Didn't look like he did anything for a red card. Maybe a yellow for a late tackle, but it didn't look like he had any intentions of making a foul.
  15. [Serie B] Juventus - Napoli [10-04-2007] (postponed for NT play from 25-03)

    A little touch after a long pass. Cool! ;o)
  16. [Serie B] Brescia vs Juventus [03-10-2007]

    Nothing looks like we will turn this match around. Every single player plays at very low quality today. Not just the defence, but all over the field - from Gigi to Trez. :o(
  17. [Serie B] Brescia vs Juventus [03-10-2007]

    Three great goals by Sarafini!
  18. [Serie B] Brescia vs Juventus [03-10-2007]

    Brescia is much closer to 4-1 (just scored!) than we are to 2-2. The hold team must step up a gear!!!