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  1. 3pac

    Football Results Database

    I'm looking for some sort of website with a database holding all the football results from the last century, for all major competitions. I'm hoping there's some sort of site where you can draw up the history of games between any two clubs or national teams, but I haven't been able to find...
  2. 3pac

    [Beautiful Football] ABSOLUTE CLASS

  3. 3pac

    [Friendly] USA - Calculus BC

    im going to the USA china game! :weee: time to see how shitty our national team is :smoke: ive seen them live about 6 times and they get worse everytime. last occasion was the 3-0 spanking against the czech republic wooo red white and black!
  4. 3pac

    Adidas F50.7 Czech Republic Football Boot!

    Where the hell can I get a pair ?! I've searched all over the internet, I'm looking for a pair of the Czech Republic upper f50.7s in size 12 (US). I've only found one site that even carries them anymore (prodirectsports or something in england), but not in that size. Any ideas where I can get...
  5. 3pac

    Replica Jerseys

    Does anyone have any idea where I might find a replica platini french jersey? (the old style) I've checked toffs but they don't seem to have one, and nothing useful comes up with google.
  6. 3pac

    I'm sure there's a few old threads related to this topic, but it'd be best to start a new one, if not, they can always be merged. Anyways, I know zlatan is highly out of favor, and he's not exactly my favorite player either, but those videos were damn good. I wanted to re-download them to...
  7. 3pac

    Snakes On a Mutha F****n Plane!

    Is anyone else goign to go see this instant masterpiece? I have tickets to opening night, I cannot wait :D
  8. 3pac

    My New Video

    It's incredible, trust me.
  9. 3pac

    American SAT Questions

    Has anyone here taken the SATII's ? The subject specific ones. I took one for Chemistry, but I have no clue whether my scores are adequate or not, as I don't know what is considered to be a good score. I took them without studying at all, so I can always improve, but please, if someone has...
  10. 3pac

    Go Dumb

    Please Translate and Discuss
  11. 3pac

    Piracy Questions

    Does anyone know whether it's legal or not to upload a movie from "" to a public hosting site (like youtube) ? I want to put a Z movie on my myspace, but I don't know if that's legal or not. Sorry if this isn't really worthy of it's own thread, but I doubt I'd get an answer...
  12. 3pac

    Top 10 Forwards

    My friend and I were having a debate whether Rooney is one of the 3 best forwards in the world and I said hell no, he isn't even in the top 10. That led to us making lists of our top 10 forwards, and I was just wondering how the people here would rank as the best. You can take whatever you...
  13. 3pac

    Song Request

    Hey guys, I know this is kind of random but it's been bugging me for about 2 years. Ages ago on this forum, Graham (Gray) put up a compilation about Nedved, and I really, really, want to know the name/artist of the song it went to. I've been trying to find that song for years but it has no...
  14. 3pac

    Help With DVD Making

    My friend wants to put a video he made for school (.avi ) onto a DVD, so that it will play in his school DVD player. He has a DVD burner but no software. Anyone have any suggestions as to how he might do that? Thanks
  15. 3pac

    My Dearest Burke

    Fuck you, Burke.
  16. 3pac


    I saw "Hostel" last night :shocked:
  17. 3pac


    Ok, i am on the verge of throwing my computer out the window and going on a vendetta to split every tooth in half of those who create computer viruses. Those people deserve no less than torture until death. I've been riddled with problems on the computer all day and have no idea how to fix...
  18. 3pac

    hElP m3 ~*!

    Um hey guys, my friend wants to know the name of some song she saw the music video for. She said it's an 80s video with a girl who gets stuck in a comic strip, meets a guy, coems out of it, and meets him in real life. I have no idea what the hell it is but i figured theres enough users on here...
  19. 3pac

    I Am a Lucky Bastard

    I thought I'd just share with you all that in London today, while shoppign in the Apple computer store with my cousins, I looked across the table to see Patrick Vieira. Pictures to come soon :D
  20. 3pac

    The Most Boring Country

    My time in England, as is spent every christmas, has brought me to the point of opening this thread. So, What do you think is the most boring country in the world? My vote goes to England. Outside of London, in the rural green countryside, there's nothing to do beyond fucking the sheep and...