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  1. Leonardo Bonucci

    Over the last few years, Italy had a dearth of quality midfielders and forwards. Thank God, we have a whole bunch of new talent in these areas but are now lacking in defense. Probably why, Bonucci is still a protagonist.
  2. Maurizio Sarri

    We blame the midfield but i feel that even if we had a prime Messi and Pogba in midfield against Lyon, we'ed probably have lost because of our lack of motivation and lack of direction.
  3. Maurizio Sarri

    LOL. Thank you for making me feel younger.
  4. Maurizio Sarri

    What has Inzaghi won. Don’t get me wrong, he could turn out to be the best ever but and it’s a big BUT.
  5. Maurizio Sarri

    Deschamps: Ive copied and pasted from Wikipedia Monaco[76] UEFA Champions League runner-up: 2003–04 Coupe de la Ligue: 2002–03 Juventus[76] Serie B: 2006–07 Marseille[76] Ligue 1: 2009–10 Coupe de la Ligue: 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12 Trophée des Champions: 2010, 2011 France FIFA World...
  6. Maurizio Sarri

    I still don’t understand why Deschamps is so under rated here. 1582774814 If Pep and Zidane say no, who else do we have left: Inzaghi (very high risk - can go either way) vs Deschamps (low risk - boring perhaps)
  7. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    We might just do better without a coach
  8. Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    From the patchy stream, wasn’t their goal when MDL was out for treatment
  9. Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    Offer a billion dollars, perhaps
  10. Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) would like to ensure that you are aware of specific CDC resources outlining the current COVID-19 guidance for healthcare professionals. Please refer to the following CDC website guidance about this topic (also attached): · “Evaluating and...
  11. Serie A 2019/20

    I think it is. The outbreak won’t be any slower next weekend probably, so it’s either canceled or behind closed doors. Conte will probably want it behind closed door so that he doesn’t have to deal with Juve fans constantly harassing him.
  12. Serie A 2019/20

    Imagine us finally winning the UCL but behind closed doors.
  13. The Financial Situation

    How much money have we saved in salaries with the sales of Can, Perin, manbro, etc 1582339300 How much do we have to pay to long term injury cases- doesn’t disability insurance pick up the tab to some extent after a certain period of time?
  14. Sami Khedira

    Agree. As much as we lambast this guy, at least he has brains and is good while his legs last.
  15. Champions League 2019/20

    Imagine Atalanta winning the UCL
  16. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21 How is this guy?
  17. Champions League 2019/20

    Beautiful uselessness
  18. Champions League 2019/20

    Well its more comical than a miss really
  19. Champions League 2019/20

    Does anyone have a clip of Morata's miss
  20. Champions League 2019/20

    Hows Can playing