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  1. AndreaCristiano

    Started a podcast with my boy about Juve and serie A!

    Give us a subscribe it would be awesome
  2. AndreaCristiano


    Any of you guys use iptv? Which ones and do you use it with an android box like nvidia shield ??
  3. AndreaCristiano

    For the earthquake in my beautiful Italia

    :cry::cry::cry: I pray for all living and dead that they may find God's peace. I hope that you all can send well wishes ,prayers whatever you would like to these poor beautiful people! If you would like the Italian red cross is taking donations.
  4. AndreaCristiano

    Driving Ferrari's ( and some competition)

    So my cousin Francisco who used to work for RaiSport last year left for Ferrari and this past week he had my brother and I go drive some ferraris and competition at a testing ground. Check it out
  5. AndreaCristiano

    Question for those who play?

    So next Sunday I'm going back to playing after a year and a half off. Want to know what cleats you all are rocking and why?
  6. AndreaCristiano

    Cars! What do you drive? What's next? Dream car???

    Hey guys was wondering what you all drive? What you would like next and what's your all time dream car? I'm currently leasing a 2013 Chevy Cruze 2LT RS once this short lease ends I will be purchasing a VW GTI and I will say that my dream car has and always will be a Ferrari
  7. AndreaCristiano

    Best commercial ever!!! Especially if you're Italian :)

    Freakin great!
  8. AndreaCristiano

    Anyone use tumblr?

    I just started using it blogging on that site about a month and I actually like it and the interactions you can have on topics anyone on here use it?
  9. AndreaCristiano

    The Emperors New Thread!

    A royal edict! I the Ruler of this Empire, issue a royal edict, I call upon my Kings to choose a land and a queen to rule over! King of Kings has been given the Americas and Queen Kate ... who will be next?
  10. AndreaCristiano

    Next car poll...which would you pick?

    So I'm starting to look for my next car when my lease is up I am going to purchase a vehicle so in this purchase i want utility, fuel efficiency and fun here are the choices, if you guys pick the other please post in the thread. Thanks Car 1. Ford Focus Hatchback titanium fully loaded Car...
  11. AndreaCristiano

    Third star possible with Scudetto win Interesting this discussion all of a sudden by abete
  12. AndreaCristiano

    Annyone invest on here??

    So I been getting back into investing again and I have been recommended by a friend to this awesome new trading site, and if you guys sign up and trade by March 31st you get $5 trades for Life!!! Check it out let me know what y'all think
  13. AndreaCristiano

    Ben Breedlove, incredible story

    This kid inspired millions. I know some on here have differing opinions on matters, but I thought to share this with you all. please show respect. Ben died days after the second video
  14. AndreaCristiano

    Lesbians giving their child hormones to delay puberty so child can decide gender! WTF I would like some feedback form you guys. You know where I stand on this its an abomination goes against nature, God whatever you like to call it!
  15. AndreaCristiano

    REAL LIFE SUPERHERO PHOENIX JONES! This guy rocks!!! Good for him!
  16. AndreaCristiano

    Believe it or not!

    Ok in this thread I would like to discuss different things in human mythology, legend etc etc. Discussion of all angles in a respectful manner. First topic DRAGONS I believe they were definitely possible. If there were flying dinosaurs why not a sort of flying lizard which spawned the...
  17. AndreaCristiano

    Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming HMMM as a non Global warming believer, I find it interesting when Scientists also find it non...
  18. AndreaCristiano

    Marcelo Estigarribia - LW - Deportivo Maldonado Full name Marcelo Alejandro Estigarribia Balmori Date of birth September 21, 1987 (age 23) Place of birth Fernando de la Mora, Paraguay Height...
  19. AndreaCristiano


    I want to apologize to all the forum members whom I may of offended. Alot of times I let my italian anger get the best of me and I speak or in this case type without thinking. I do not do myself, my faith or my family any justice with these computer muscles. A new friend on here made me...
  20. AndreaCristiano

    Lúcio - CB - Inter Merda sorry updated link! can someone move this to the right section