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  1. Salvo

    Nanitamo Ikoné - Striker/Winger- PSG PSG are pissed, lets see if this one happens.
  2. Salvo


    Post everything Destiny related in here, will be easier to track.
  3. Salvo

    Fox sports biggest fan, votes needed.

    Hey guys, my cousin has entered a local competition, its called Fox Sports biggest football fan. He uploaded a video with all his Chelsea gear. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys could vote for him. It's a bit of a pain as you have to enter an address and stuff but if you can it would...
  4. Salvo

    ITS A BOT, ITS A SPAMMER, NO ITS JUST...xsemprejuvex.

    ok ok ok, 10k has come rather quickly may i add, aaaahh exciting life i i know just like last time i will get stick for this but hey, here it goes. rather than doing a "traditional dedication" i shall do, much like my last an overall dedication to everyone who has graced this forum...
  5. Salvo


    his agent says doors open to juve. how would you guys see this?
  6. Salvo

    5K :D

    hey guys just a short little speech, nothing elaborate. i have reached 5k posts and thought it would be right to do a a sort of dedicication. but instead of naming people one by one i thought it better just to thank everyone for a great time,ive loved having heated debates about juve and having...
  7. Salvo

    Your Favourite Juventus Jerseys Of All Time?

    just wondering what you guys judge as the best juve jerseys of all time? there are many great ones and a few bad ones. what do you think>?:flag:
  8. Salvo

    The official grygera thread.

    i dont about you guys but i have noticed but this guy has performed well in every match he has played. he really is a consistent solid player. he has been a great buy for juve.