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  1. Greg

    Greg's Trance Mixes Available For Download

    Forget my post in the main trance thread...... I've now uploaded my mixes to my friend's server so you all can easily download the mixes: Tracklistings Mix 1 1. Thrillseekers - Synaethesia (PvD mix) 2. Watergate - Heart of Asia (remix - [maybe Rank...
  2. Greg

    Me in the mix - For u Trance fans

    Click the link below to listen to me in the mix It wont be on forever btw since its coming live from my comp, kinda
  3. Greg

    I must watch that!

    What films out there do you really want to watch that you've not seen allready? Mine are: Se7en Stand by me Dog day afternoon City of god Apocalypse now Saving private ryan Shindler's list Glengarry Glen Ross LOTR- return of the king
  4. Greg

    What are your fave Michael Jackson tunes?

    Mine are: Thriller Beat it Billie jean Wanna be starting something
  5. Greg

    25th hour - Ed Norton

    Has anyone else seen this? I saw it yesterday at the cinema and thought it was amazing. Norton was on top form and so were the supporting cast. Spike Lee made it look very classy, I thougt.
  6. Greg

    Check out this Paul van Dyk forum, not mine but it's great:
  7. Greg


    Has anyone here been to Ibiza? I'll probably be going this summer so I wandaring if anyone could offer any good companies for package holidays there. Cheers
  8. Greg

    Shawshank redemption

    I can't beleive it, my fave film- 'The Great Escape' has been upstaged. shawshank is the greastest film ever made, all 2 hours and 20 minutes of it.
  9. Greg

    American History X

    Right now the credits are rolling down the screen and i have to say it's among the best films i've ever seen. It's simply a masterpiece. What did anyone esle think about it?
  10. Greg

    Favourite albums

    We used to have this here so it's about time we got an up-date. The albums don't necasarily have to be your faves but just good albums will also do. I'm always trying to vary my music taste (just downloaded loads of police tunes) so there should be a definitive list of albums here. Mine are...
  11. Greg

    Fahrenheit's smilies

    Has Fahrenheit (AKA Juve foleva) come back yet? Anyway a while back he made loads of wicked animated smilies and I think that they deserve to be on show, so here they are: p.s what an easy way to get my posts up, and you lot can post any cool animated gifs here also once i've finished.
  12. Greg

    I 've got a virus and i can't get rid of it

    You can all see the virus. How do i get rid of it? I can't delete it, i can't see the properties, norton anti - virus doesn't pick it up. I think my lil bro has something to do with it - aswell as kazaa, since he was the only one home at that time. I'm obviously not going to open it, i hope he...
  13. Greg

    Cool Car Gallery

    I know there is another car thread but that turned into poll and there are some planes in there aswell so we need a new one. In this thread don't start talking about anything other than the cars in the gallery, so that means no rif-raf. No links either - just upload the pics straight from...
  14. Greg

    I need some help with my wack computer

    Check out this screenshot. Only since yesterday it showed in the taskbar "connected", when I'm connected to the internet and "dialing", when it is dialing. I think it may have something to do with kazaa. Any help on why it is doing this, would be appreciated.
  15. Greg

    Milan v Rangers

    Finaly I get to watch an Italian team play on TV. Last one I saw was the Arsenal game. 2 legendary teams so it should be a good match UK viewers, Sky sports 3, coverage starts at 14:30
  16. Greg

    Famous peoples' birthdays

    Today: 1971 Kristi Yamaguchi 1951 Cheryl Ladd 1948 Richard Simmons 1943 Christine McVie 1937 Bill Cosby 1934 Van Cliburn 1917 Andrew Wyeth 1908 Milton Berle 1904 Pablo Neruda 1895 R. Buckminster Fuller 1895 Oscar Hammerstein II 1861 George Washington Carver...
  17. Greg

    Favourite TV shows

    Another thread from the old-school.... What are all your fave tv shows? Mine are: ER Scrubs :LOL: Friends Frasier Simpsons Malcolm in the middle Fawlty Towers :LOL: Coupling During the world cup- Johnny Vaughan's world cup extra :LOL:
  18. Greg

    Favourite films

    Getting back a few old threads. My faves are: The Great Escape Memento Liar Liar Speed Die hard trilogy Ronin Wayne's world Star wars trilogy Fast and furious What are all of yours?