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  1. BlanquiNegro

    Eric Abidal

    Aljazeera sport is saying that juve is linked with Eric Abidal and here is another site I hope that its not a...
  2. BlanquiNegro

    What do u want?

    Salam i dont know if this the right place for this topic or not if no pls transfer it and if its bad delete or close it ===================== it seems that juve will go back to SA next season, so as a juve fans what do we expect (or want) from the team next season? 1- Fight for the...
  3. BlanquiNegro

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    i don't know if it is the right place and time to open such a topic if not ,mod pls close it The Good: DP Buffon Neddy (up to now) Deschamps and the rest who decided to stay/join The Bad Carpello Viera Emerson Quoted from juvecafe site Emerson just joined Real Madrid and his...
  4. BlanquiNegro

    Officially:Juve To Ser B

    Its Written in Aljazeera website Sorry guys:cry: :cry: :cry: :tdown:
  5. BlanquiNegro


    is this the right place to say hi? if so hi (salam) i am new here as a reg. member, but as aguest ,well i think its better to say that i have been a nonreg one for more than 2.5 years and thats why i prefer to be called the oldest unreg. member :D anyway just wanted to say salam...