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  1. Sadomin

    I'm buying a Macbook Pro - convince me not to

    My current 5-year old laptop is giving up due to heat issues and constant crashing. I uninstalled Windows 7 and I'm now running Ubuntu which is proving to be much more reliable (surprise), but the computer itself still has certain issues. Time for a new one. I'm looking for something smaller...
  2. Sadomin

    Screw the World Cup...

    Look at this goal from the Swedish 2nd division by 20 year old Linus Hallenius:
  3. Sadomin

    European elections 2009

    Who are you voting for, and which party group do they belong to? European People's Party -Christian democrats and conservatives Party of European Socialists - social democrats and democratic socialists European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party - liberals and centrists. European Free...
  4. Sadomin

    Iago Falqué to Juve - done deal?

    Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona Atlètic attacking midfielder and Spanish youth international Iago Falqué (18) is close to joining Italian club Juventus. With Barcelona Atlètic coach Luis Enrique not counting on Iago for this season and the alternative being a return to the...
  5. Sadomin

    Small dogs make big sound

    Bayern München's kit launch: Wow, it's a... kit.
  6. Sadomin

    Juventus news history (incl. old transfer rumours)

    Not sure if this has been posted before but it's a really interesting read: Some cool ones:
  7. Sadomin

    Racism in Italy

    I came across this video and it certainly gives some insight. I thought most of the racist chants were supposed to be provocative and a way to taunt opposition players (not that it's an excuse, of course), but supporting your own players in this way? Why is this type of behaviour so common in...
  8. Sadomin

    CL draw fixed conspiracy

    Read: The forum's getting a lot of traffic now so you might not be able to access it. Could be a lucky prediction. What do you make of it?
  9. Sadomin

    Watching Juve - Inter on TV in Maryland

    Would any of our local residents be interested in watching the game together? Are there any pubs which usually show Serie A games?
  10. Sadomin

    What the fuck should I do?

    I was out partying tonight at a club and everything was great until I met this friend of a friend of mine, who had served as some kind of elite soldier in Afghanistan for a year and came back home this summer. He said that we'd continue the party at his house after the club closed so me and a...
  11. Sadomin

    Governator fights bear

    :shocked: :lol:
  12. Sadomin

    Losing to prevent your rivals from winning the title

    The Swedish league looks like this currently: Games - Points 1 Kalmar FF 25 45 2 IFK Göteborg 24 43 3 Djurgårdens IF 24 43 4 AIK 24 38 The teams play 26 matches. Currently, Göteborg are up against AIK with 1-0 (AIK have the home advantage), while Djurgården are leading 2-1...
  13. Sadomin

    Michael Jackson dead :frown:
  14. Sadomin

    Raising the quality of posts

    I just went to the transfer forum, and I notice half the posts are like this: we need huntlaer ^_^:faq1: quagliarella is gr8 lets get him sell trez lets get messi 2:cool: lol he sucks on FM we need quaresma and c.ronaldo ronaldinho :smoke: :smoke: :agree: :toast: :eyebrows: :P You get my...
  15. Sadomin

    Luca Cigarini

    Zambrotta is Milan target Monday 25 June, 2007 Barcelona full-back Gianluca Zambrotta is once again being paired with a move to Milan by reports in the Italian Press. The world champion was one of the first players to leave Juventus after the club’s demotion, but failed to adapt to his...
  16. Sadomin

    Who needs Matrix when you have...

    Chiellini Not sure if it has been posted before, but that diver deserved it. :P
  17. Sadomin

    Milan sign international French winger

    Ibrahim Ngom Ba January 12, 1973 (1973-01-12) (age 34) Le Havre AC 128 (8) Girondins de Bordeaux 35 (6) AC Milan 56 (1) Perugia (loan) 16 (1) Marseille (loan) 9 (0) Bolton 9 (0) Çaykur Rizespor 2 (0) Djurgårdens 13 (1) Varese 10 (5) A.C. Milan...
  18. Sadomin

    English fans
  19. Sadomin

    Official: Man Utd sign Nani and Anderson

    £13 for Nani and £17m for Anderson. Damn them.
  20. Sadomin

    Promising future for Italian football

    First the drastic actions to improve security, and now Adriano has been banned for two matches. Why? Because of his dive against Roma. About time something like this was done. Let's hope they continue in this direction, and that...