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  1. JuveCampione

    Need help

    A lot of movies and clips don't work for me lately, and I guess I need new codecs or maybe a new player. Where can I find all the codecs I need?
  2. JuveCampione

    Igor Tudor?

    should we keep this guy? after the game yesterday between France and Croatia I'm not so sure. Croatia should have won the game but Tudor didn't let them to do it. first he scored an own goal. alright, it could be forgiven (Tudor is an expert in that matter. he scored a stupid own goal...
  3. JuveCampione

    Your plan for Juve

    my plan needs a big investment by the managemant, because it involves a lot of signings. first of all, Juve should hire Prandelli as the coach (Deshamps probably won't come). Prandelli proved he is able to work with unexperienced players, so maybe Appiah and Legro will improve under his helm...
  4. JuveCampione

    Merged: Post-CL depression and future outlook

    yes we did got kicked out from the Champions League, but let's say the truth... La Corunia deserved to go through and we don't have something to offer in the next stages with our defense this year. At least we'll not get to the end and then be disappointed, like last year. We still have the...
  5. JuveCampione

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic??

    I hear he will leave Ajax in the summer, and he says he wants Juventus. do we need him??? Personally, I don't think so. he could be an asshole sometimes...
  6. JuveCampione

    Del Piero, Thuram and Di Vaio- ???

    all these players are playing crap lately, what happened to them??? I mean, there are other players who are crap right now, but the expectations from them aren't the same like these players. Del Piero, I know he is a good player, but most of the time I see him, he is realy crap, slow and too...
  7. JuveCampione


    you think we should buy him??? I wouldn't be against it, he's a great player
  8. JuveCampione

    The January Transfers Thread

    Berkovic is moving to Portsmouth, Nakata to Bologna... what else???
  9. JuveCampione

    Worst moments vs Best moments

    What are your best and worst moments as Juventinis? I started to support Juve in 1999, so here are my best and worst moments since then: Worst moments: 5. Juventus Inter 1-3 season 2003-2004. losing to Inter, and in such a humiliating way is always terrible! 4. Juventus Roma 2-2...
  10. JuveCampione

    A suggestion

    How about changing the colours of the forum? the current theme has done it's job already. I think it's time for a change. Maybe black and white would be good. it'll make a Juventus atmosphere here. and maybe Juve logo and pictures should be around. It's a Juve forum, and Juve colours can make...
  11. JuveCampione

    A special request

    Lippi, please play with Davids instead of Appiah! at least in the big and important games! Appiah, as much as I like him as a player, is not what Davids is. he's not experienced and can't control the midfield like Davids. we'r not getting good results against the big teams. A player like...
  12. JuveCampione

    Enzo Maresca

    how bad his injury? :scared:
  13. JuveCampione


    shit! anyway here is a list of people to thank to!! Nekton- for all the goals! my only source for seeing Juve in Serie A. Fahad- because you'r a great Juve fan and you know a lot about Juve and soccer. and you not criticize much. that's good! Erik- Hup Holland! :D Paolo Montero-...
  14. JuveCampione

    When and how did you start to support Juve?

    I know there was already a thread like this,, but very long ago. I started to support Juve I think 5 years ago, and it was only because I saw Juve when I turn on my TV. I knew nothing about Juve but I knew who Zidane was. When I turned on my TV, I saw that Zidane's team is Juventus and then I...
  15. JuveCampione

    Eurobasket 2003 is the european championship in basketball interest some of you? well, of course basketball is nothing comparing to football, but the european championshio is always interesting. at least the last one was very exciting :cheesy: and my national...
  16. JuveCampione

    The Italian teams in europe

    forza Serie A! i realy want to see the serie A teams doing great like last year. of course i want Juve to win the CL, but I would also want to see four italian teams in the uefa cup semi-final :D CL italian teams: Juventus AC Milan Inter ???Lazio??? UEFA cup italian teams: Parma...
  17. JuveCampione

    Berlusconi Trophy

    another match against the european Merda. I want to win them again, this time in their own cup :D
  18. JuveCampione

    Football great all time misses

    what is the biggest miss you have ever seen? Forlan's miss is definetly a top contender, but it wasn't so important here is the video: what other hilarious misses you remember?
  19. JuveCampione

    The Birra Moretti trophy

    now it's time to take on Inter and Sampdoria
  20. JuveCampione

    Juventus trivia

    the one who answers asks a new question and so on and so on and so on i'll start: what is the meaning of the word Juventus?