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  1. Which team do you like to be our next opponent in CL?

    In champions league quarter-final Juve will play with one of first teams of groups A, B or D. Milan from group c, Barca from group a and Ajax, Arsenal, Valencia or Roma from group B. Which do you prefer?
  2. Official Sensi makes it funnier to be af Juve-fan thread

    He is so paranoid. He just makes me laugh, whenever he speaks. And remember: Just because you are paranoid does not mean that no one is after you!
  3. Don´t they like football in Torino + Juventus fan (merged)

    What is wrong with the people from Torino. 26.000 saw Juve against Dinamo Kiev. 30.000 against Atalanta. Why is the attendance so low? When was the Delle Alpi packed with 70.000 fans? What is the problem? Don´t they like football in Torino ???
  4. Laudrup at Juve

    Does anyone remember when Michael Laudrup played for Joventus. How was he. I Only remember him from Barca and Real where he was brilliant.