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  1. Wanna know what your IQ score is? take the IQ test here

    1. There are three crayons placed side by side. A red, a green, and a blue. The red is placed in the centre, the green on the left, and the blue on the right. Which one would you look at first? A. Blue B.Green C. Red 2. Do you drool when you walk? A. YES! B. Maybe... C. Of...
  2. Please tell me about yourself

    Just wanted to get to know people better so an about you Woops forgot to do. Me Hey im Cheng I'm from Taiwan (not china) Im a music person i listen to music its my everything I also like to cook asian food for my family Im a very shy person I supported shanghai shenhua for 7 years
  3. Juventini Indonesia gabung

    Buat user2 sini yg dr indonesia gabung donxx
  4. Ask me anything about asians

    I know everything about asians just ask me anything ;)