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  1. Furino

    Leonardo Bonucci

    That's where you wrong. Almost every Juve fan, including me adored Leo. Why? Because he was so passionate about the club, the colours, always sending messege he is true Juventino. All that was gone when it turned out he will be "hungrier then ever" for every club that makes him feel important...
  2. Furino

    Leonardo Bonucci

    He said he grown as the man and still don't apologize :sergio: Also he claim he celebrated because he defended colours of Milan at the time and is professional - yeah, fuck these 7 years at the club. He basically said what everybody knows - his ego made him look for a transfer and the same ego...
  3. Furino

    Gonzalo Higuaín

    Poor fellow, really just a victim of 90m price tag as he didn't play badly and scored a lot of goals. Still Juventus and Agnelli risked (as they still do in this mercato) with paying that kinda money for bigger chance of CL glory - well it didn't work. He was worth the 60m at the time but it was...
  4. Furino

    Leonardo Bonucci

    As it may be a last chance in a while... We don't want or need your garlic in the basement eating mouth that spills that enormous ego of yours, fucker! Good thing u lavishly lowered the salary that is bigger then the previous one at Juve and made us sell promising youngster so u could be closer...
  5. Furino

    J Stadium/Allianz

    Il campione più grande di tutti fa diventare piccolo piccolo l’Allianz Stadium. Il catino bomboniera dove sono stati costruiti i successi, unici nella storia bianconera, della Juve targata Andrea Agnelli è stato sempre sold out in questi anni di vittorie e lo sarà ancora di più nella prossima...
  6. Furino

    Riccardo Orsolini***

    I wouldn't expect from him to shine just yet. Atalanta would seem (or is) good team for young players but at the moment they play 3-4-1-2 (he played on the wing in 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation in Ascoli) and I don't see him take the place of Papu Gomez who can enjoy the more space on the field. It...
  7. Furino

    Federico Mattiello*

    Still quite young, with free injurie season it's clear that can start regularly in SPAL but I am more then curious if his head is past all these injury nightmare and could he become someone more in the future. Fingers crossed.
  8. Furino

    Rolando Mandragora*

    First league match, full 90 min. Becoming a starter even at Crotone would help him a lot :tup:
  9. Furino

    Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    Was there a year that someone didn't put a Newcastle or Udinese shirt in that kind of topic? Just get over it, they have same colours and it's not like they are here since yesterday :sergio:
  10. Furino

    Juve Friendlies Schedule

    I hope you will 'visit' chilean prison some day, so what? :weee:
  11. Furino

    Arturo Vidal

  12. Furino

    Juve Friendlies Schedule

    Juventus live... in Poland... dream comes true. :weee:
  13. Furino

    Nicola Leali

    Anyway, shame that Cesena is still going back to Serie B and we will have to find another club for him.
  14. Furino

    Alessandro Matri

    He could stay at Genoa, scoring goals and gettins serious time. You got to have Bendtner attitude to think you can surpass Tevez or Morata in 6 months. I didn't like the club decision, but he agreed to be what he is now and sorry, but I think that's low.
  15. Furino

    Alessandro Matri

    He was at least someone at Genoa. Now he is another Boriello, Anelka or Bendtner. Parasites company. He is here only because club is extra safe about number of players not because of his skills (duh). He can hang out with old mates another time, it's a serious club. I just hate the idea of how...
  16. Furino

    Nicola Leali

    Second match on the bench... something happened?
  17. Furino

    Angelo Ogbonna

    Another "Isla" case. Chance after chance to prove himself here and yet again he didn't do it. He made it to Juventus and he don't give a fuck about anything else. Seriously, it's not even about stupid mistakes, he just don't really care.
  18. Furino

    Alessandro Matri

    Go back to fucking Cagliari and play in the damn Serie B! If somebody forget how to have this fucking wooden shit in the squad, there you go. Jeez, I would even stand this lose if not the fact that we have somebody like that in the squad. This guy have no technical skill whatsoever and making...
  19. Furino

    Paulo Dybala - ST - Palermo

    Bloody brilliant :lol:
  20. Furino

    Juventus shirts 2013/2014

    Just wanted to point out this 5th February post :D