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  1. Ahmed_

    Where is our right side????

    I think Juve focused on their left too much that they forgot about the right side. We have all of our strength concentrated on the left side (Nedved, Zambrotta, Del Piero and subs as Pessotto and Kapo), but in the right we don't have that much… * Camoranisi is injured or out of his form most of...
  2. Ahmed_

    Who is ur best? and why?

    i wrote a lot of stuff and it just disapeared so just anwer my question, please
  3. Ahmed_


    In my point of view Xavi is the best spanish player in the last 4 years and he is one of the best 10 players in the world for the last 4 years .... His problem is his team .... he is the only one who always is in form with Barca ... when he finds help in the midfield he creats the best...
  4. Ahmed_


    Hi guys, I want to know everything about Andrea Gasbarroni ... I saw the match between Roma and Palermo ... he was the best palermo player in the match ... it was the only match i saw him playing in it so i want the opinions of the people who know that player so well
  5. Ahmed_

    Who will make the difference this season??????????

    In 2001/02 the Dp &trez due were the main reason for Juve winning the seria A (beside Luck!!!) .... In 2002/03 Nedved & Buffon were the weapons that gave Juve the seria A and the men behind the success in the CL ... BUT in this season who would give Juve a new championship?? ... Is it time...
  6. Ahmed_

    Do not let the GOAL fools you .......

    We are happy that we won against barca ..... We are happy that we qulified for the CL semi-final ..... but here is the question ..... are we going to keep ZALAYTA for next season just because he scored a goal by mistake against Barca ???????????? Come on this gay must leave Juve sooner or...
  7. Ahmed_

    Say YES for pease

    Say YES:angel: if you want to stop the war against (IRAQ) or NO:devil: if you want it to keep going