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  1. NeLLy

    Happy B*Day Gigi!!

    hi guys!!long time no see.hope everyone is doing okay :) i would like to be the first one to wish our great brave goalkeeper a very happy birthday!May this year be a great year for him and US!!:D :kiss:
  2. NeLLy

    The Kings Of Asia

    Al Ain are the champion club of Asia. Thirteen years after the national team did the UAE proud with their qualification for the World Cup, Salem Jawhar lifted the AFC Champions League Trophy to mark a historic day for the game and the country. Incidentally, Jawhar, one of the seniormost...
  3. NeLLy

    1000 At Last!

    hey all! this is my 1000th post here! i would like to thank u all for makin this forum the best.I cant mention all the nice ppl her LOL!but really ur the best! thank u Martin . Thank u mods!thank u all!!:D kisses.
  4. NeLLy

    Will Figo Leave?

    After Beckham is going to Real , a lot of rumors said that Figo will be leaving Real and that he is one of Inter's targets, is that true? will Figo really leave Spain and head for Italy??
  5. NeLLy

    One Day In Your Life

    if u had one chance , one opportunity , to spend one whole day with one of juve players in Italy or overseas, say how will you spend that remarkable day.. here is my player: Buffon i would like to spend my day in my country , we would have our lunch in a fancy rest. and then i will show...
  6. NeLLy


    hey ! have u ever heard of a band called outlandish?? i heard one song of them, anyone knows more info of them? thanks:D
  7. NeLLy

    What Tree Did You Fall From???

    Find your birthday and then find your tree... This is cool and somewhat accurate, also in line with Celtic astrology. I'm not sure I believe in this kind of stuff ...but I do find it interesting !!! Jan 01 to Jan 11 - Fir Tree Jan 12 to Jan 24 - Elm Tree Jan 25 to Feb 03 - Cypress...
  8. NeLLy

    Artists & Bands of the Year

    1-Nelly 2-linkin park 3-eminem 4-ashanti 5-avril L 6-puddle of mudd 7-jay Z 8-cam'ron 9- trik turner 10-no doubt whats yrs??!:D
  9. NeLLy

    Happy New Year :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Hope next year is a good peaceful year filled with happiness and joy and marked with juve victories.:D:D:D
  10. NeLLy

    JUVE in the UAE

    JUVE will be arriving in the UAE in ABU DHABI , the capital on 2 January 2003 to play a match against the world stars team. The match will be held in honour of Adnan Al Telyani , player of the century in EMIRATES . This will be JUVENTUS first visit to the Arabian Gulf . SO WELCOME HERE JUVE !!!:D:D