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  1. What do you do?

    All countries are patriarchal More or less I wouldn't call mine the most liberal but it is surerly more liberal then conservative but as I said you just gotta use your gender to your advantage.... AS take recruitment for example If I was a man I wouldn't be able to get half as close...
  2. What do you do?

    :irritate: yeah I get that a lot But all I can do is keep my head up and stay strong :strong: but once they give you a chance its not so bad.... And since everybody treats you a bit differently You have to try to use that to your advantage..... :cool: And I have succeded getting...
  3. What do you do?

    thanks PM. :)
  4. What do you do?

    So After reading alll your interesting inputs I think its time for me to tell you what I do.... I am currently the Director of Sports/ Assitant Manager of a divison 5/6 Team in football in my country. its on the verge to amateur I get a little money as a thanks for the all the hours...
  5. What do you do?

    wow didn't this get carried away.........
  6. What do you do?

    interesting stories what happend to you Reza I guess Respaul has one big happy football family...... What does Semi Professional imply does that mean they pay you to play can anyone clear out this label.,,,,,
  7. What do you do?

    how young is young?
  8. What do you do?

    what about wathcing, do you go to games, play for a club or perhaps help out in a community?
  9. What do you do?

    semi-proffessional does that mean you get paid to play? Have you gone any coaching programmes? For the tactical assitant position or are you just starting fresh?
  10. What do you do?

    surely this site is a great contribution for football fans.....
  11. What do you do?

    Rickenbacker inspired me to this thread after he asked some questions about Sutnop top everybody so My question is what is your contribution to Football currently I am currently working out to become Coach/Manager for one of the Youth Teams of one of the big Clubs in my city...