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  1. Klin

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    CR7 day
  2. Klin

    Mafia 2018 sign-up --- The Return of Voller edition

    Please sign-up for Mafia. 1. Klin
  3. Klin

    The Different Types of Jeans Cuts

    I'm not sure about you, but I always find it difficult to decide on the style of jeans I need to buy. Do I want a slim or regular cut ? Do I want a low rise jeans or high? How about medium rise instead? Truth be told, it's a big headache. I would be really interested in knowing what you guys...
  4. Klin

    Alexis Sánchez - SS - Arsenal

  5. Klin

    Peaky Blinders

    A gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England and centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who means to move up in the world. Season 3 set to come on 5th October 2016 on IMDB.
  6. Klin

    Mafia Spring Season - Sign-Up Thread

    It's been a couple of months since we've played this beaut of a game and since the league is almost wrapped up and we're doing fine in CL, this place became a bit too boring for my liking. I think we all agree there. Leave your name if you're interested to play. We also need to find a (good)...
  7. Klin

    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 1-1 Inter (January 6th 2015)

  8. Klin

    Zingari vs. Frogs - Mafia sign up

    There's still almost a month until the new season kicks on. Off-season is as silly as always this year, and a mafia game could set things straight for us. Leave your name beneath mine if you would like to participate in this game. Newbies are welcomed. We'll have time to explain how this...
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    This does not refer to the total number of leagues we'll have come Sunday. Nor does it mean that Schweinsteiger is joining us any time soon. This is just a dedication thread for my 31,000 post milestone. My first one too here. Thanks for being part of this community. Some of you people are...
  10. Klin

    Far Cry 3

    My work colleagues gave me this game as a Christmas present and boy it got me hooked. I didn't play the first 2, but I heard they don't come close to it. Open world and first person shooter. Definitely recommend it.
  11. Klin

    Prediction League - Day 5 - Deadline SATURDAY 29 September 2012 10:00 CET

    The games for this week: Juventus - Roma Inter - Fiorentina Arsenal - Chelsea Manchester United - Tottenham Sevilla - Barcelona Borussia Dortmund - Borussia Monchengladbach Lyon - Bordeaux
  12. Klin

    Prediction League - Day 4 - Deadline SATURDAY 22 September 2012 10:00 CET

    The matches for this week: Juventus - Chievo Udinese - Milan Liverpool - Manchester United Manchester City - Arsenal Schalke 04 - Bayern Munich Barcelona - Granada Lille - Lyon
  13. Klin

    Greece what?

    Leave your name here if you agree not to ever mention the Greek poet's name ever again on this forum. No quoting. No mentioning. No anything that concerns him. We need to work together here. It's not going to be easy ignoring his ignorance and stubbornness, but I believe it's for the best of...
  14. Klin

    Prediction League - Day 3 - Deadline SATURDAY 15 September 2012 10:00 CET

    Next weekend there will be no league games as there will be the international break. These are the games for the weekend after. Reminders will be sent on Thursday the 13th. Juventus - Genoa Torino - Inter QPR - Chelsea Manchester United - Wigan Borussia Dortmund - Bayer Leverkusen...
  15. Klin

    No Forum For Old Men

    It's the off-season, and we haven't played a Mafia game for a while, so I thought now is good timing for it. All those interested please post your name here. Let's see how many people will join. We also need a narrator too. 1. Klin
  16. Klin

    Mafia: Revenge of the Novices Sign Up

    Weekdays are boring, so here we are. Who's in?
  17. Klin

    Battlefield 3

    So many good games to buy, especially next month. I'm so going to buy this one though. It was released this week in the US and in Europe. What ya'll think? Please discuss.
  18. Klin

    Lisandro López

    Lisandro López (born 2 March 1983 in Rafael Obligado, Buenos Aires Province), sometimes known as Lisandro, is an Argentine footballer who plays for Olympique Lyonnais in France. Primarily a striker, he is also capable of playing on the wings. Club career Racing Club López started his career...
  19. Klin

    Christmas / New Year 2010 plans

    Exactly one more month to go for Christmas Eve. What are your plans for this year's Christmas and New Year? How do you plan to celebrate them? Prefer staying in and invite some friends over or going out to a party instead? Suit or casual clothing? Are you a 'presents person' or not? Please...