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  1. Ahmed_

    Palacio to Juve?

    Now Moggi is thinking.... We need some creative players in midfield..... If Palacio can do Nedved's job then he is just what we need
  2. Ahmed_

    if our players were sold at the present point in time..

    Are these Mutu and Zalayeta we know !!!!!!!!!
  3. Ahmed_

    Robert Kovac

    Moggi is the king of free transfers :greedy::greedy:
  4. Ahmed_

    Trez form this season

    You are a true juve fan :D
  5. Ahmed_

    [Seria A] Juventus - Lecce

    WTF ..... whats the hell is this?????
  6. Ahmed_

    [Seria A] Juventus - Lecce

    Is zala playing????
  7. Ahmed_

    [Seria A] Juventus - Lecce

    Forza juve
  8. Ahmed_


    Zala, Pessotto, Birindilli, Appiah, Olivera and Montero. All of them must leave Juve next season. We need players like oddo, Miccoli, maresca,Chellini, Bonera and Brazaghli
  9. Ahmed_

    Del Piero Goal Statistics

    9 more and he will make history
  10. Ahmed_

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    If he keeps this pace he will be selected next time ..inshallah
  11. Ahmed_

    Zlatan the worlds best

    He is sad that Dp is not playing:down::D
  12. Ahmed_

    Giorgio Chiellini Must Return To Juve

    ???? Why didn't Gentile play him in the olympics???He prefered Morreti while cheillini is much better in that position
  13. Ahmed_

    The Players On Loan..

    I saw him tear up a defence included Samual against Roma last year:D
  14. Ahmed_

    Zlatan the worlds best

    I think Zlatan is going to take Trez's place in Juve just like what happened to Inzaghi when Trez joined... Inzaghi and Trez played for one season and Dp was their sub. People started talking about DP loosing his place, but Inzaghi went to Milan and the DP- Trez combination played together and...
  15. Ahmed_

    The Players On Loan..

    I saw him once against Roma last year while he was playing with Palermo in the cup.... He is just a Great talent.
  16. Ahmed_

    Adrian Mutu

    That just because he is in Roma..... In Roam there is no one to control the players.... In Turin, it will be a different case. I would use Mutu with money to bring cassano to juve
  17. Ahmed_

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Puyol has the determination and the bravery needed in a good defender. But he lacks the technique... This is what makes chivu better than him is serie A Puyol will be useless to Juve if he comes to Turin.
  18. Ahmed_

    The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    Days will prove that you are wrong......That kid will never reach the Figo standers
  19. Ahmed_

    Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    Take it easy ya ZALAMA, He will be back:D ;) :D
  20. Ahmed_

    After Nedved Who?

    No one is better than Montelivio .... He is talented, young and Italian. He is the best