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  1. Sivori

    Fiorentina will be Fiorentina again

    From Florentia to Fiorentina Fiorentina are back in the Italian game after Florentia Viola successfully bought the historical brand name. Florentia chief Diego Della Valle had his £1.6m bid accepted this morning after the club were declared bankrupt last summer. The demise of Fiorentina...
  2. Sivori

    Vieri Out For Season?

    Well, I suppose we shouldn't gloat at other people's misfortunes. But you can't deny that it's good news for Juve. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Christian Vieri limped off during tonight’s Champions’ League trip to Valencia with a possible...
  3. Sivori

    Three Italian teams in the Semi-finals!

    Assuming AC Milan perform their duty against Ajax* we'll have three Italian teams in the Semi-finals of the Champions League, and at least one Italian team in the finals. Is Italian football finally back where it belongs? Where we never gone? Or is it just a fluke? Some people might point at...
  4. Sivori

    Happy birthday Marcello Lippi!

    Today is his 55th birthday! (b: 11.04.1948). I don't really care, but I suppose there are people who do so... Here's a thread :extatic: :extatic: :extatic: :extatic: Here you can discuss whatever you like about the man. discuss his hairstyle, brand of cigarettes, speculate on his...
  5. Sivori

    I'm gone for a short while and...

    every Tom, Dick and Harry's got 10k+. Don't you people have school/jobs/a social-life? ;)
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    Useful information

    There are currently 11 users on the Victoria Beckham message board. 5 members and 6 guests. :cap:
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    Good Danish bands?

    I went to the Roskilde festivals website ( to check out which bands were already booked. They hadn't released a bandlist yet (sorta expected that). There was, however, a request form that you could fill in. There you could request Danish, nordic and international...
  8. Sivori

    A short story

    -"Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" -"No, it's a banana" -? -"Yeah, look..." -"Ahh, I see..." -"I only use the finest Chiquita bananas. Wanna bite?" -"Sure" -"How is it?" -"It's OK." -"It's great.
  9. Sivori

    Who's up for some Championship Manager!?

    We're setting up a CM game and anyone who'd like to join is very welcome to. :)
  10. Sivori

    Someones approaching 10000...

    I haven't got much time to post here tonight, so I decided to make my one post count. How? By posting a new thread that is sure to be one of the most important of the year. This thread is dedicated to a certain somebody who should be reaching an astonishing landmark (we're all living in a...
  11. Sivori

    Songs caught in your head at the moment

    We've all experienced it, wether it be for good(Bohemian Rhapsody) or for bad (Las Ketchup, anyone?) we've all had songs stuck in our heads at least once in our life (about once a day for me). This is a thread where you write the name of the song caught in your head at the moment, or maybe...
  12. Sivori

    My 1111 post dedication

    I've decided to make dedication for my post number 1111. Mainly because it's a cool number, but also because my last dedication was...a bit strange... So here goes in no particular order: To: Martin: Obviously for creating this beautiful forum. Magnus: 'cause it'd be weird if you weren't...
  13. Sivori

    Squad Numbers (article)

    Here's an article I read in Calcio Italia (formerly Football Italia), I've chosen to write the story down here in full because it's about something I have a strong personal opinion on; Shirt numbers. So here it is: When squad numbers were introduced in the mid-1990s, Italian players embraced...
  14. Sivori

    1000th post dedication?

    I have now posted 1000 posts on this fine forum. Now you can all go ahead and congratulate me and maybe I'll remember you the next time I dedicate something;):D Preliminary dedication: Tom
  15. Sivori

    Maresca reveals Guidolin row

    Friday 27 September, 2002 Enzo Maresca returns to Bologna as an opponent this weekend and confirms he did not see eye to eye with Coach Francesco Guidolin. The Piacenza midfielder joined the Rossoblu in October 2000 and hit the big time with those 23 Serie A appearances. “Bologna was my...
  16. Sivori

    Deschamps makes creatine confession

    Friday 27 September, 2002 Ex-Juventus star and World Cup winner Didier Deschamps admits he took creatine when he was at the Turin club. The substance was banned in France after the 1998 tournament, but is not banned by doping laws in sport. “Yes, I did take creatine for two months in...
  17. Sivori

    700 posts.

    that's nothing, not even worth a friggin' dedication. So you're not getting any. ;)
  18. Sivori

    We Could Play Serie A Abroad, Says Galliani

    08/26/2002. League President Adriano Galliani has sensationally suggested that some top Serie A matches could be played abroad. Sunday's Supercup match between Juventus and Parma proved a success with 50,000 Libyans turning up to watch the spectacle. Now Galliani believes that the foreign...
  19. Sivori

    ICQ or MSN?

    Well? the topic says it all, I think. which one would you recommend me to use? which one do you use?
  20. Sivori


    Since we're all from different countries and cultures I thought of something: Different people from different places have words that are not represented in another language, or even dialect. Therefore I thought that we could help each other out by teaching each-other about new words that can...