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  1. juvelover

    who do u want out of juve ?

    we only have seire A and coppa italia ,, we r starting new era ,,, so i may look cruel but it must be done !! both permenantly or loan keepers : bounfoi defenders : legro , kovac , tudor , bomsong , birndelli , picollo , balzaretti midfielders : giannechedda , marchioni , paro , blasi...
  2. juvelover

    Champions Leauge Final tickets

    Hi there i was wondering if anyone knows aan agent or website to buy the ticket from ,, catagory 1 ,, i contacted someone and he told me 1,200 Euros :shocked2: if anyone knows please help me thank u
  3. juvelover

    Hi5 anyone ?

    i joined last may , i wasn't impressed at first but when i started looking into the profiles i became ....... any members here ?
  4. juvelover

    Juve squad so far , who will leave ? who will stay ?

    we have big squad at the moment let us forget that we will buy more players , with the current squad , who do u think that he must leave and who must stay . Gk : gigi , chimenti , Bonnefoi no changes for me Defence : zebina , pessotto , birindelli , chellini , zamby ,thuram ...
  5. juvelover at yahoo EPL fantasy

    season ended , my overall rank is 432 , my total points 4,059.35 i think that i did well , my team name was :cool::cool:
  6. juvelover

    Ronaldinho crowned king of the world

    Monday, December 20, 2004 Ronaldinho crowned king of the world ZURICH, Dec 20 (Reuters) - Barcelona's Brazilian playmaker Ronaldinho was named FIFA World Player of the Year on Monday. Ronaldinho, 24, totalled 620 points followed by Thierry Henry of Arsenal and France on 552...
  7. juvelover

    1 k

    thank u all for bieng supportive and i would didicate this to all of you it is too late since i was here b4 the second crash ( not many here remembers these days when we went to xtratime forums to find out what happend with our beloved forum ) it's been great ,, catching with u guys with...
  8. juvelover


    he is by far the best young midfielder in the world ,, played for spain under 16 and he is regular in spain under-21 ( he scored the winner aginest england in the last match ) the youngest ever player to score for arsenal at the age of 16 the youngest ever player to score for Arsenal at...
  9. juvelover

    will capello apply the same tactic that he used in roma ?

    hi all it has been long time since i posted in the forums juventus formation ,,, more players ,,, juve aproach ,,, many questions ? we all agree that capello is a great coach but will he play attacking game or definsive one ? this is the first question capello at roma played...
  10. juvelover

    poll about the fix thing ?

    can we start a poll about who thinks that there were a scandinavian fix ? i tried myself but i wasn't allowed to start a thread at the polls section
  11. juvelover

    Post of the week

    what about choosing the post of the week ? give the winner hmmm let's say 100 post count more ? and let the manager of the forum who chooses the winner every week ? what do u think guys ?