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    Euro2004™ Stadiums

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    Euro2004™ Playing schedule

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    Euro2004™ The teams

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    I get that we can't change our usernames just like that because it's annoying and, quite frankly, it pisses me off just as much as the next guy but why can't we change our usertitles anymore? It's like you hand a four year old a lollipop and then taketh it away again. Give us something to work...
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    101 Ways to make football fun again

    From a Dutch website, I selected a few, feel free to add others. Some of these are pretty good :D Three corner kicks = penalty kick Let Feyenoord start every game 3-0 up Just like basketball: scoring from outside the penalty area counts as 3 points Video footage for referees No limit to the...
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    Trouble in the wallet

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    Blatter takes off conservative mask: European football to change drastically

    BLATTER: I HAVE THE SUPPORT I NEED FIFA chairman Joseph Blatter intends to transform the European football calendar and introduce a pan-European winter break as well as limiting the amount of foreign players per club. Blatter's idea of a calendar change would mean the entire European...
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    Fantastic Heineken Commercial

    This is great stuff :D Quick and very rough translation of what's being said for all you non-Europeans out there: - "Over 90 million euros for a laboratory in the Netherlands for research into cloning" - "And what have we seen so far?" - "Nothing!" - "What the hell have they been...
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    Dutch Eredivisie preview

    Here's my view on the upcoming Dutch title race, use it to your advantage all you betting addicts out there :D PSV Eindhoven The reigning champions have managed to preserve the core of their team which consists of keeper Gomes, defenders Ooijer and Alex, midfielders Simons and Cocu and...
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    FIFA's ranking: barring the #1, it makes sense to me

    The top ten looks reasonably alright for a change. Of course Italy being second makes far little sense, given that the FIFA rankings are based on performances of the past four years... What does it take to get Brazil off of there? EDIT: Before you ask: this list was drawn up AFTER the World...
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    WC2006: And the winner is...

    Best match: Argentina-Mexico Breakthrough: Fabio Grosso Benchsitter: Lionell Messi Jorge Andrade award (he's my friend): Zinedine Zidane Most colourful fans: Togo Well I never...: Germany playing attractive football Crybaby: Cristiano Ronaldo Best player: Zinedine Zidane Most valuable player...
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    Suspended for punching Schweinsteiger

    Maxi Rodriguez of Argentina is likely to face a suspension. FIFA has announced a sanction is on its way in the direction of the Argentinian after the world football organisation studied the video footage of the fight following the match Germany-Argentina earlier this week. The footage showed...
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    Get ready to dislike America

    Get ready to dislike America American soccer players should enjoy being ridiculed: soon enough they'll be boring world-beaters. America is agog with World Cup fever. OK, let me refine that slightly. The vibrant slice of America that spends every weekend coaching or "scrimmaging" or glued to...
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    Zealand 1-8 Australia

    So the Australian National Team decided to play a friendly game against the Zealand Provincial Team, my home province, before their friendly against Holland on Sunday. :weee: Never mind the embarassing scoreline I guess... :sad: Anyway, thought some of you might be interested in this, the...
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    Lou, got your bunker ready yet?

    Saw a report on TV on how several Christian groupings world wide are preparing for the landing of the Devil on Earth on 6 June, or 06-06-06. Save me a seat in case you fellas turn out to be right :D
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    Who wants to sponsor me?

    Landlord is trying desperately to kick me out of my house (just raised the rent insanely) so if anyone knows a nice place to live, let me know. That can be houses, or cities. I'm not excluding the rest of the EU since I'm finishing my studies and I haven't a real job yet. Now is the perfect time...
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    "England are a failure"

    Joining the vast stream of articles and opinions regarding the upcoming World Cup and its contestants, here's a composed interview with Leo Beenhakker, national coach of Trinidad and Tobago: Leo Beenhakker thinks the euforia surrounding the English World Cup team is highly misplaced. The Dutch...
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    Germany 7-0 Luxembourg

    I told you this was going to happen, dammit! Why doesn't anyone listen to me?!?! Oh, and the next person who says "It's just Luxembourg" will be shot. It's not just Luxembourg, it's Germany. They fooled the world! :D
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    Happy 18th Dominic!

    They grow up so fast :touched:
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    "Reply"-button went Van Gogh on my ass

    It looks like a bad imitation of a Van Gogh painting. "Rainy skies" or something. Anywho... ...anyone else have the same problem?