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  1. Ramin


    I was wondering what kind of watches you peeps are wearing... I have a bunch of watches, but the only one worth a mention is my Tag. I've had this for about 5 years now, and I'm thinking of getting a new one. I have my eyes on Omega and Breitling.
  2. Ramin

    Sergio Buenacasa

    Name: Sergio Buenacasa Alba Date of birth: 19.04.1996 Place of birth: Zaragoza Age: 17 Height: 1,82 Nationality: Spain Position: Striker - Centre Forward
  3. Ramin

    FIFA 2010

    Hi, I'm looking for a single file with the highlights of the entire tournament in high quality. Any download links available?
  4. Ramin

    Fantasy Double Bicycle-Kick

    You dig?,236168
  5. Ramin


    .. Speaking to Tuttosport, Andrea Agnelli, said that should they able to bring in anybody, they would choose young Barcelona star, Lionel Messi. "I would like to have so many players...but I do not want to give any names. But, of course, I will make an exception with one dream; Lionel...
  6. Ramin

    Whats Your Player?

    .. Can any of you recommend me a video player that is good with subtitles? No VLC or BS players....
  7. Ramin

    Bin Laden Attacks Inter

    .. Channel 4 Meanwhile, Inter had a different surprise for their centenary celebrations when a poll on their official website was attacked by troublemakers. Fans from other clubs bombed the site so that the ‘favourite game’ was voted the 4-2 defeat at Lazio that cost them the 2002...
  8. Ramin

    Serie A: Torino Vs Juventus [September 30 2007]

    vs Torino vsJUVENTUS September 30th, 2007 Stadio Olimpico, Torino 2:30pm EST LIVE on RAI International
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    Cassano Hungry for Torta Sorriso!

    .. Channel4 Antonio Cassano gave a rare and revealing interview discussing his character faults and clashes with the media. “But I apologise for nothing.” The undeniable talent has been constantly overshadowed by disagreements with teammates, Coaches, Presidents and journalists. “It...
  10. Ramin

    {ITA} Serie A 07/08

    .. My prediction for the coming season - 1. Fiorentina :D 2. Milan 3. Juventus :toast: 4. Inter 5. Roma 6. Palermo 7. Lazio 8. Napoli 9. Udinese 10. Sampdoria 11. Genoa 12. Torino 13. Parma 14. Cagliari 15. Empoli 16. Livorno 17. Atalanta 18. Reggina 19. Siena...
  11. Ramin

    Anti Buffon

    .. Lets sell him and get the 30m, who's with me? :D
  12. Ramin

    The YouTube/Video Junk Thread

    .. Ok, since the mods get annoyed for opening new thread for some crapy youtube links, so all the links could be thrown in here that you think is not worthy of opening a new thread for.....Just like the junk that I posted below...
  13. Ramin


    .. Top 3 teams are left with the same points, and only one game to go tomorrow. 1. AZ 72 pts / 53+ 2. Ajax 72 pts / 47+ 3. PSV 72 pts / 46+ Fixtures: PSV - Vitesse Excelsior - AZ Willem II - Ajax
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    .. I am currently writing my dissertation project on E-commerce security. The questionnaire will only take 3/4 mins to complete, I would be grateful if you could fill this in. I need as many participants as possible. All of the information you give me will be treated as completely...
  15. Ramin

    The Official Liquor Thread

    .. Ok, so I got this idea from the Incubo's lame thread to Liliana where it some how ended up with liquor talk between some members. So I thought it deserved a thread of its own. Anyways, its always interesting to find new drinks that you have tried earlier. So it would be interesting if...
  16. Ramin

    Termination Of Juventus Stars

    .. Here's a game idea that I stole from the Facebook site. For those of you who aren't really into the trivia questions, this game is perfect! It requires no thinking at all! Here's how the game works, Each player from Juventus starts with 10 points, and you + 1 point to a your favorite...
  17. Ramin

    Nationality Mixup

    .. Since many of the members over here don't live in their origin country, what do people often mistaken your nationality for when they first meet you? I've been mistaken as Turkish, Arab, Spanish, Scottish, Paki, Italian, Egyptian, and Portuguese. I'm Persian, but no one has ever...
  18. Ramin

    Samuel for Camoranesi

    .. Corriere dello Sport " Samuel for Camoranesi – Moratti starts conversations with Juve to bring the world champion to Mancini’s side"
  19. Ramin

    Juve target Azzurrini duo

    .. Ch.4 {Juventus are lining up a double swoop for Italy U-21 duo Andrea Coda and Daniele Dessena, according to reports in Italy. The Bianconeri are looking to strengthen their squad in January and were impressed by the performances of the pair, who were part of the team which booked a spot...
  20. Ramin

    {SI} Football Manager 2007

    .. 23/09/2006 FM2007 PC/Mac demo news & release date news We are on track for going into manufacture during the coming week, hopefully sending code off for disc testing on Monday, which would lead to going into manufacture late on Friday night. If this all goes to plan, then the demo...