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  1. Nomuken

    'what are you currently listening to' Part 2

  2. Nomuken

    [Serie A] Lazio 3-1 JUVENTUS [December 7th, 2019]

    I remember when we had the likes of Sissoko back then, I feel like Sissoko had a better stint here than Matuidi has so far here in Turin.
  3. Nomuken


    Wake me up when season 3 begins. (2020)
  4. Nomuken

    EURO 2020 - Qualifiers

    Is Mario Mandzukic going to play?...
  5. Nomuken

    'what are you currently listening to' Part 2

    I saw Incubus live in past September @The Santa Barbara Bowl they covered the whole Make Yourself Album 20th anniversary. It was epic Brandon Boyd’s vocals were on point just like the CD lol.
  6. Nomuken

    Serie A 2019/20

    And we will concede a penalty
  7. Nomuken

    [Serie A] Lazio 3-1 JUVENTUS [December 7th, 2019]

    Let’s just hope Ronaldo gets out of the dip in performance and provides results and rise on shares.
  8. Nomuken

    Matthijs de Ligt

    It’s impressive given his age, he hasn’t even reached his peak. With all the room to grow heading forward with Juventus, it’s going to be exciting watching him develop into hopefully a world class elite CB. Along with Chellini and Bonucci to mentor him, De Ligt’s future only looks bright.
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    Leonardo Bonucci

  10. Nomuken

    Claudio Marchisio

    Hope he makes a return.
  11. Nomuken

    Daniele Rugani

    He’s an Italian token :gsol: for Juve this season.
  12. Nomuken

    Matthijs de Ligt

  13. Nomuken

    Maurizio Sarri

    If there were 3 members to the band The Knife this would be it. :grin:
  14. Nomuken

    David Trezeguet

    Before billionaire Euro clubs, mercenary contracts, Twitter and IG. When there was no bullshit outside the pitch, when it really mattered most, top quality play.
  15. Nomuken

    Douglas Costa

    The pitch forks and forces are out, all of a sudden. :angrymob: 1574983788
  16. Nomuken

    Paulo Dybala

    Gracias :touched:
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    [CL] JUVENTUS 1-0 Atlético de Madrid [November 26th, 2019]

    Ramsey to score; Bonucci and Sandro going to have a lot of baby sitting to do @Rugani.
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    Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    I miss Kappa.
  19. Nomuken

    Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    :sad: Those stripes though...
  20. Nomuken

    Merih Demiral

    He a thug