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  1. Marketing & Commerce

    I am gonna say something that might be unpopular, but to increase our exposure and revenues the whole league should step up, meaning that Milan, Inter, Napoli, and Roma should return to be competitive in CL terms, even teams like Fiorentina, Lazio, Parma, and others should do better in Europa...
  2. Paulo Dybala

    If we're selling him, we're gonna replace him with Chiesa + Icardi, I don't know if it's an upgrade from last year, it might potentially be..
  3. Paulo Dybala

    What if this is all smokescreen so Dybala can travel to Manchester and come back with this dude: #verywishfulthinking
  4. Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    I think that the management is aiming to replace [Dybala+Kean in Chiesa+Lukaku]. Seeing it as a whole package is actually quite interesting..
  5. Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    What's happening with the away kit's announcement? I remember reading a rumor that Adidas might be changing its original design?
  6. Merih Demiral

    Give Milan 10M and swap him for Romagnoli and Caldara
  7. Marketing & Commerce

    So, no Juve on FIFA? Since it is exclusive(?)
  8. Serie A 2019/20

    Can anyone explain how come the Serie A badge keeps change so often? And why the design is so bad and lacks any sort of identity? I can easily remember the iconic EPL badge, Bundesliga badge and even La Liga, but not the Serie A Calcio!
  9. Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Do we have a chance for Romagnoli if we sell Bonnuci? How much he would cost us?
  10. Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    I want to argue in favor of an unpopular perspective: The JEEP sticker. I think in most cases it gave our kits a noticeable presence and identity, especially in the case of last year's kit. I believe its absence is very noticeable from this year kit and would have been better if we had the...
  11. Marketing & Commerce

    The NBA team we are associated with for the last two years is having an interesting mercato too! The last two signings are putting them in a competitive position for next season.
  12. Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    IN: Icardi 0M (Only if for free) Chiesa 55M Rabiot 0M SMS 70M Zaniolo 45M (Plan B: Ndombele 40M) de Ligt 80M (Plan B: Manolos 36M) Highest Spending Estimation = 250M / Lowest =201M OUT: Matiudi 10M Khdeira 10M Cuadrado 15M Costa 70M Mandzukic 10M Higuain 36M Earning Estimation 151M Can't Juve...
  13. Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    I might sound crazy, but I'll drop my wild guess. Maybe Juve is planning to use Bonucci as DM, considering he is experienced and his passing ability. In a way, it might solve midfield issues. :boh:
  14. Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    Fake website. Just Google CR7 official underwear brand and you'll be directed to the official website.
  15. Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    Moreover, if he will be presented tomorrow trucks and working people will be already noticed in the stadium area. They'll need to build a stage, prepare lightening and more stuff...
  16. Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    I'll just post it here..
  17. Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    They are praying for success there..
  18. Summer Mercato Thread 2018

  19. Summer mercato thread 2017-18

    Some newspapers are reporting that Juve are biding for Marco Verratti Cuadrado + 70M