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  1. Maurizio Sarri

    Reality is we have a good squad on paper but key players are under cooked or just not available enough...Costa and Ramsey are key to any final third formation chosen. Rabiot for whatever reason isnt ready or there is something else that is a problem with him. Khedira is crap...bernadeschi has...
  2. [Serie A] Lazio 3-1 JUVENTUS [December 7th, 2019]

    Lomg time coming..we have been getting results but haven't set the world on fire. Not a crisis at all...hopefully a wake up call. Definitely need to fix some things but should be manageable.
  3. Federico Bernardeschi

    Costa ramsey amd dybala all a head of him as a CAM. AC Milan interested in him...for 40m I'll help him pack his bags and will drive him to Milan myself.
  4. Paulo Dybala

    Outshining the rest which is great considering ronaldo is at the club. Credit to Sarri...he has managed him well and allowed him time to get back into form. Full credit to dybala...he could have tucked himself away in a corner after the summer transfer period saga but he has come back and shit...
  5. [CL] JUVENTUS 1-0 Atlético de Madrid [November 26th, 2019]

    Why ramsey wouldn't start behind the forwards is beyond me.
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Agreed...he is overused. But he is a stubborn fuck as well...he wants to play 90 mins every game...he is a machine but meeds to understand he isnt 25 yrs old anymore.
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Storm in a tea cup. He isn't 100 percent healthy right now. I thi j he needs to get his body right...If he has k we issues then stop playing and get it right for the second half of the season.
  8. [Serie A] JUVENTUS 1-0 Milan [November 10th, 2019]

    I would like to see us repeat what we did over 20 years ago and score 6 against Milan. :):) I wouldn't risk ronaldo or de ligt. Play Costa Dybala and Higuain.
  9. Maurizio Sarri

    I'm not a Sarri boy, I'm not an Allegri boy or even a conte boy for that matter, I think all have their weaknesses. However at this stage of the season under a manager who is implementing something completely new with many new faces in the team who are not in their best condition i think he is...
  10. Winter mercato thread 2020

    LOL. I feel that if we add pogba to this team we will go up a notch. Pjanic pogba and Ramsey in midfield? Costa ronaldo team in the world easily!
  11. Merih Demiral

    Read rumours rugani may be up for sale mid season...could be playing now for that very reason...Just to get some games into him and justify any half decent price request.
  12. Gonzalo Higuaín

    From a salary perspective? It was a loan with an option to buy right? Did we end up getting any money for him?
  13. Paulo Dybala

    Soft cocks! I was a teenager playing Australian rules football and used to jump in ice baths after every game. Some of these blokes need to drink a glass of concrete and harden the Fuck up!
  14. Federico Bernardeschi

    I'm also a father and about to have our second child. I would be inclined to think that someone playing at the elite level he is can get away with requesting sleep. Don't get me wrong I'm always helping out my wife and making sure it is shared but if I was playing juve earning the money he is...
  15. Gonzalo Higuaín

    I like the fact that both he and dybala are playing well and we have such options. When you think about it, he should have never left in the first place. Not sure what the benefit ever was in that milan deal.
  16. Federico Bernardeschi

    With Costa coming back surely bernadeschi gets benched again and Sarri reverts back to a front 3 right?
  17. [CL] Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 JUVENTUS [November 6th, 2019]

    Would be a disaster. But sandro and Cuadrado should be available right? Bernie Khedira and Matuidi will all start for sure.
  18. [Serie A] Torino 0-1 JUVENTUS [November 2nd, 2019]

    Thats the best i can come up with based on these dismal performances week in and week out. So much for bringing in a manager who makes teams score for fun.
  19. [Serie A] Torino 0-1 JUVENTUS [November 2nd, 2019]

    Ill take the win. We are shit but rather be shit and win then be sht and lose.
  20. Merih Demiral

    He needs to start some games. Chiellini isn't coming back at his age. Bonucci isn't a spring chicken. Sell rugani...keep this guy but play him.