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  1. Champions League 2019/20

    Things getting hot in Ajax group
  2. Champions League 2019/20

    RBS keeper keeping them alive.
  3. Champions League 2019/20

    Yea but knowing Nipples they're going to fuck it up
  4. [CL] Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs JUVENTUS [December11th, 2019]

    Pjaca is at Juventus?
  5. Bundesliga 2019/20

    The language thing came up after Ancelotti got sacked. Many coaches haven't had "The Bayern DNA" (whatever it means) and they succeeded at Bayern. Allegri wasn't ever a candidate, yeah there were rumors but it's not different than any other coach though. And he started learning English IIRC so...
  6. Bundesliga 2019/20

    Not wanting Allegri because of what? I don't remember Bayern being linked up with Allegri at all. Which doesn't mean he isn't class manager.
  7. Kingsley Coman

    You can have him back now
  8. Premier League 2019/20

    If you had Kovač for your manager, trust me, you immediately would want him sacked. What would you say when your team concedes FOUR goals against third league team in cup game? Or lose 3-0 or with similar result to mid-table teams in league. Or when your team doesn't even seem to show up against...
  9. Premier League 2019/20

    That's kinda unfair comparison since Flick was an assistant coach for 90% of his career. But since it's Kovač, i understand you. :tup:
  10. Premier League 2019/20

    Kovač to Arsenal according to the rumors. A match made in heaven. :tuttosport:
  11. Winter mercato thread 2020

    Yeah but it still doesn't make sense saying it's a steal when you can have him for free couple months after. That'd be a great deal for Spurs though, they're getting money for him instead of letting him for free, considering he doesn't seem to be a starter in Mourinho plans.
  12. Premier League 2019/20

    Džeko to Spurs?:klin: @zizinho
  13. Winter mercato thread 2020

    How it can be a steal when he's free in summer
  14. Bundesliga 2019/20

    I just expected you'd come up with something like this
  15. Bundesliga 2019/20

    Bringing Kovač was their biggest fault. We're obviously now paying the price for that. You're backing Kovač for no reason though. Kalle was right all the time, there was no clear gameplan, no football philosophy at all, everything was just shit under Kovač. Of course things wouldn't change over...
  16. Bundesliga 2019/20

    Your opinion is just laughable lol
  17. Bundesliga 2019/20

    Finally a team that's is capable of challenging Bayern.
  18. Premier League 2019/20

    it's the season of sacking
  19. Bundesliga 2019/20

    it's go and win it all or go home for him so yes
  20. Bundesliga 2019/20

    Good for BVB i guess. :weee: