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    the next GAME

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    Football Focus

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    Euro 2004

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    Gettin Rid of

    everytime i start IE, i get this as my homepage and then it redirects me to google. has anyone been through this? how do i get rid of it? it is unpararrelly annoying
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    Time for an Upgrade

    Okay, i've got a wee bit of buck to spare, so i thought why not buy new car radio and upgrade PC i've done the first. Now this. I'm planning to upgrade my comp (a very shitty one with a TNT Riva and 128 DRAM) now help me what is DRAM, SDRAM DDRAM ESRAM which is better...
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    Road to Lisbon

    has anyone seen it? it's great, tho not as skillful as nike's ole ad, but the whole thing's fantastic. and watch out for DP's introduction :eek: goto and there should be a link to the video from there. Warning, it is a bit blurry if anyone's already posted this...
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    SEMA Auto Show I Love It Alot I've seen the cars that are showcased in this show and..whoaaa..The handyworks of people like Chip Foose and Troy Trepanier are they. you gotta see the hotrods those two make. fyi, SEMA is the best car show around, and everyone who is anyone big brings...
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    Question. Why the Rage Against Gray?

    Why is everyone banging people who are religious (ie gray)? :groan: I really don't understand, and it's really troubling. I know this is a international forum and every1 has their own idea on life, but dont go around mocking people who are religious. Just do not do it. You're playing with...
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    13001 Dedication...Reintroduction

    Hi..for the last lets see...many months i've dissapeared only to appear here and they. Now that it's my semester break I'll be around more a bit. But I like to reintroduce myself as mostly everyone here has either forgotten me or doesnt know me. :) I'm a real b*tch and really annoying and...
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    Jesus Generation

    Anyone into 'gospel' christian music? I like Hillsongs music generally but the Hosanna songs are unbearable. God is alive Has anyone here hearda Delirious - History Maker? i love it :heart: and the new album by Hillsongs is fantastic IMHO. p.s im not trying to provoke anything...
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    the Roots

    anyone hearda them? i feel bad, well not really, opening a thread just because of them I just heard Seeds 2.0. :cool:
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    Los Lost Boys

    anyone heard of them. Good stuff! they have a pretty decent guitarist and bassist (who doesnt embarass himself on a 6string bass). While the guitarist does tend to overdo things, they are decent :cool:
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    WhY dO plAyERs HAvE no MUstaChe n FAcial Hr.

    get i'll get to the point why is it a rarity to see a player with a mustache or much facial hair, unlike other professions? isnt it weird? does facial hair disrupt the aerodynamic flow of the player :eek: or does is it because it would be harder for players to blow out mukus...
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    malaysia babey!

    i've just realised that we have a really decent malaysian community wassap ppl :D singaporeans..can..erm..join too..:undecide:
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    Windows XP (office vrs.) Help

    This is as bad. My bloody faggoty pc keeps restarting randomly everytime i start playing. I did a virus check and crap like that. Everything seems to be perfectly fine. Plus my comp jams ala Windows 95 everytime. So fecking annoying anyone (that's had this before) got any ideas
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    What Would You Do

    this season hasn't been that smooth. it's been a bit crappy. Defence looks like Ancona's and we have no real consistency. whaddaweee gonna do..
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    coolest man/woman in ROCK (that means no LP :P)

    who yer think is the coolest most favourite (well, top 3 or sth) bassed on your taste, nothing else two categories Off all time 3. 2. 1. At The Moment 3. 2. 1. John Frusciante :touched: i'll fill the rest later
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    songs you wish never ended

    does anyone get that feeling when hearing the end of some song, that feeling that you wish the song would just continue for a while longer, eventho it's perfect the way it is..and don't say every song you like, because that's just no fun my few pick for the moment Scar tissue...
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    already dead

    be right back...
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    Nedved for Captain?

    Well what about it? DP's being playing like a dying duck, and the rest of the players a beginning to lose faith in him (i can see it in their eyes when they play). Nedved has his fair share of charisma, plus he hands up the most hardworking player in Juve (maybe along with Zomba). Plus...