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  1. [CL] JUVENTUS 2-2 Bayern [23rd February, 2016]

    Anyone need 1 ticket in the away stand for the game in Munich?? ping me if there`s any interest
  2. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    Planning to fly in to watch the EL game against Traboznspor on the 20th of Feb. Any premium intl members here who got tickets during the member pre emption. Its been f#@## 8 mths and I still havent recieved my package. and dealing with customer service is like banging my head against the wall...
  3. Any Asian Juve fans here?

    Dude get on the sg Juve group on facebook, they just had a scudetto party last night - - - Updated - - - just ask for 4 floors of whores :p
  4. Antonio Conte

    I feel we`ll probably take the appeal further and get his name fully cleared but that`ll only clear all the processes once the ban runs out. Even if this is Italy there`s no way this case will stand in a proper legal court
  5. FIFA 13

    League will be awesome, count me in!
  6. PSN ID and XBL Gamertags

    Fifa 13 PSN players add me up : Juvedel10
  7. PES 2013

    Sheik : Fifa 13 is much improved from the demo, the speed has been pulled back just right and the buildup play is awesome now.
  8. FIFA 13

    Just got the game, add me up on PSN , my id is Juvedel10
  9. Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Dammmmmmnnnn!!!!! Just got to know that Ale was transiting thru Singapore last night, some peep`s from the juve facebook group here got pics taken with him....there goes a golden chance to meet the legend :((((
  10. Should Beppe Marotta be sacked?

    If Llorente/Dzeko or any of our top forward candidates move today to anywhere in the region of 25m then I think Marotta needs to be given a rethink. Getting Bendtner is not the worse thing, the figures of the deal suggest that its nothing more than a backup player, whats irking people all over...
  11. Nicklas Bendtner - ST - Arsenal

    @Bianconero81 I`ll make sure to get a bottle of bourbon from duty free when i`m coming over to bkk, the despression of this day will last long :p
  12. Nicklas Bendtner - ST - Arsenal

    Cause coz the joke of signing bendtner partly , but moreso for the CL groups, all seem to think we`ll be in the group of death
  13. Stevan Jovetic - Forward - Fiorentina

    Lol if we dont get a gr8 striker hold that drink, i`ll be in bkk in a couple weeks :P!
  14. Wishlist and General Juve mercato talk (2012-13)

    From Antonio corsa`s twitter Antonio Race @ antoniocorsa A BIG surprise. 4m Antonio Race @ antoniocorsa Soon a nice surprise.
  15. Mercato Special Edition - Marotta is chatting with Tuz members

    :lol: :lol: This was gold
  16. Antonio Conte Anothert one the Carrobio screwed over!
  17. [Italian Supercup] JUVENTUS 4-2 Naples Soccer (Aug. 11th 2012)

    Matri starting second game in a row, should give a fair indication to whose staying and whose going.
  18. Leonardo Bonucci

    This is what we should`ve done in the first place rather than even considering the plea bargains, as someone away from italy following the case from whats reported in the media its clear that the prosecution is terribly weak, any good lawyer should be able pull the pants down of whatever crap...
  19. Antonio Conte

    Anyone know the other major serie A players indicted, apart from criscito and mauri?? Incredibly hard to believe the major names once in the smaller leagues now all play for Juve. We win the league , this is what happens, time for the management to show some balls and defend all staunchly till...