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  1. The Ultras

    I am not watching the game, are the fans singing?
  2. The Ultras

    Compare it to this [emoji38]
  3. The Ultras

    So about 150 free tickets per game, all good if they actually kept those tickets instead of selling them and gaining thousands of euros for them selves every match. Let about 8000 people sing their lungs every game while the leaders get free money and privileges. How nice of them. I don't...
  4. The Ultras

    Because of a few retards? That's generalization.
  5. The Ultras

    And here I thought they were protesting about the high ticket prices which was understandable. But these leaders apparently did not give a fuck about the prices, hell the higher the price the more they would have gained. Good riddance, indeed.
  6. The Ultras

    First it was violence and racism now apparently even signing is not trendy and prevents us from going into 21st century. [emoji38]
  7. The Ultras

    So you think they are racist because they are ultras?
  8. The Ultras

    Red Star fans basically had arkan as their leader. Panicking over a small missile. World gone too soft.
  9. The Ultras

    As if you americans would know anything about ultras. :smh:
  10. The Ultras

    But that's pretty classy. :tup:
  11. The Ultras

    Are they okay?
  12. The Ultras

    What did they do?
  13. The Ultras

    Who was that player who went to the ultras, Bonucci?
  14. The Ultras

    Great article.