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    You get tired of custom roms, thats for when youre a student and have all the time in the world, later on you don't have the time nor the will to mess around with that. And this is from someone who mush have changed 20 custom roms on my Optimus 2X and Galaxy S1. Now I just want a phone that...
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    The Nexus 6, last years model by Motorola. Yeah, the silver letters on the back are just stickers glued on the back, and after a few months a third of the letters just came off so I took the restof as well.
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    I've had 2 nexuses so far, and I must say I'm going to Samsung. I had the Nexus 4 and now I have Nexus 6 for a year and a half and I'm not very happy with it. I was a huge fan of Nexus phones, said I would only buy them, hated Apple. Now I dont think I'll go for a new nexus and even the...
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    htc's ultrapixel camera or whatever its called.
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    They say that the ultra pixel a disappointment tbh, good in low light but mediocre in normal lighting conditions
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    Gray, where are you? I trust you, do you know the best/easiest way to root the nexus (no custom Rom tho)? :D
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    Does Windows 8 have the metro ui and no home screens? I like the metro ui but in apps,I wouldn't like the whole phone ui to be like that. And I love proper android home screens. Btw, what do you guys think of the HTC desire x as a decent mid range android ? Got one for my girlfriend's sister...
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    Got it? How much did you have to pay for tax and customs?
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    I think it depends how good your phone is out of the box. FOr my O2X a custom rom was absolutely neccewssary. The stock software was crap, gingerbread was extremely laggy, random reboots, freezes, slowness... not to mention the updates, it was updated to ICS only in December 2012... However...
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    Yeah, thats exactly what I saw as well :agree: Other than that, there's really nothing from cm10 I cant live without so I think I'll just stick to the (rooted) stock rom. I already have Nova Laucnher, bought it previously so with it I can live with the stock rom nicely. If I get bored with...
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    Yeah, I know cm10.1 is great, but it annoyed me a bit on my O2X because I had a lot of force closes, applications freezing etc, every day. How good is it for the N4? What are the major bugs? I do really enjoy some of its features, but on the other hand now I'm working 9-6 so I really dont have...
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    Yeah, I'll probably do it this week. The setup was surprisingly easy this time, it installed all my apps automatically. No settings tho, however I can back them up when I root it :) I loves ya as well and congrats on getting married ;)
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    Yep, it was quite fast, I ordered it on a wendesday, it was shipped on thursday and arrived to my german mailbox on friday. I only paid for further shipping on friday night, so they sent it out in monday afternoon, my gf got it on Wendesday in NL. From then I just had to wait for someone to come...
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    Just got mine yesterday. It's gorgeous, looks absolutely stunning, altho I dont realy have the fel of a brand new phone since I had cm10 on my O2X so it looks kinda the same :D BTW, gray, when you shage your phone do you hear anything moving inside? WHen I shake mine I can defo hear something...
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    I think I'll just stick to the stock android :D
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    Any bugs on cm10 for the nexus? I think I might root mine bye I don't think I'll install a custom Rom, I've had to do that a lot on my 2X and I don't have the time nor the patience for it any more. I just want something that works out of the box.
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    What? Why wouldn't it be optimized? The android version is the same as on other quad core phones and the hardware is basically a LG optimus g.
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    Nah, I finished my LL.M. and returned back home ;)
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    You don't say? :D I know, I have a master's degree in EU law ;) I was asking about his shipment, from us to India and commenting that I don't have to worry about that since I am having it shipped to Netherlands and not to Bosnia.