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  1. American College Football

    What a way for USC to start the season :sergio:
  2. American College Football

    @Dru Avenge me
  3. American College Football

    Man, what a game. WHAT A GAME. Dear NFL. As much as it would hurt, please allow an exception for Freshman QB Sam Darnold to be eligible for the draft this year, so that the 49ers can take him #2 overall this year, as he is not only better than any "top" QB Prospect coming out this year...
  4. American College Football

    Andy. Dude.............................. How sweet is this............................... This is gonna be fucking great.
  5. American College Football

    Then you are left with Clemson and Michigan, and neither one of those two look really good right now. That is assuming that they will somehow lose against Auburn (Which they won't), or against Florida (Again, which they won't. But even if they do, there is no way Alabama doesn't get into the...
  6. American College Football

    Andy, I really don't know when they will lose. They are strong in all facets of the game.
  7. American College Football

    There was a play in last night's game, and it was 3rd and long, and it was a shotgun UCLA Blitzed. I don't remember if it was a straight on blitz or if it was delayed, but pocket started to collapse awkwardly. If I remember correctly, He stepped up in the pocket, then stepped back, ducked a...
  8. American College Football

    Y'all... look on the bright side. Our WR coach finally taught someone how to separate. :lol:
  9. American College Football

    I can't do this anymore. I just can't :sergio:
  10. American College Football

    Who fell asleep during the first half and woke up at 3 AM? This guy
  11. American College Football

    I said it 5 years ago man, that this was a fucking witch hunt. They were trying to make an example out of USC. What is really interesting is that there are still 200 pages of documents that are yet to be released to the public, but will be soon.
  12. American College Football

    As I had stated 5 years ago, my boys got fucking railroaded by the NCAA. They had no proof that the school had anything to do with, or knew what was going...
  13. American College Football

    Well, if being a backup means shagging Miss Alabama 2012, sign me up, padnah.
  14. American College Football

    Mama, let your babies grow up to be University of Alabama Quarterbacks.
  15. American College Football

    Dru? Is It? Is it too early? Is it too early to say..................................... Roll Tide?
  16. American College Football

    There are only 2 circumstances where I would ever, ever, ever, root for Alabama. Against UCLA. And against Notre Dame. Man, I really hope 'Bama steamrolls them.
  17. American College Football

    USC got punished a couple of years ago for an infraction that Reggie Bush did in 2005, where he set up an agreement with someone with no affiliation to the university to hook his parents up with a house in San Diego. 120 miles away from campus, mind you. None of those players were still there...
  18. American College Football

    A little carried away? What should they have done? This is the prime example of "Lack of Institutional Control"
  19. American College Football

    I'm not saying that it was close to what USC went through. I don't know how you came to that conclusion. All I said was that USC had 4 or 5 players leaving and that was after a ban of only 2 years. I can just imagine how many Penn State players are going to leave after this. And the funny...
  20. American College Football

    USC had the same situation a couple of years ago, and 4 or 5 players ended up leaving. Hopefully the damage will be minimal, but there is a huge difference between being banned and having scholarships reduced by 2 years instead of 4 years.