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    I am just glad that the times of having to pay over 600+ euros for a good phone are gone. A friend of mine bought a Samsung A50 for 250 euros, Xiaomi note 7 pro was even cheaper.
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    S9 isn't really much different than the S8. That's why the sells were so low. I'd wait for the S10 if I were you, only 3 months away.
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    Speaking of chinese phones UMI Plus has great specs and looks good. Only $179, too.
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    I do, twilight. From 10PM.
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    So who has bought the s7 edge? And could you please post your battery life and screen on time? Some fuckers say they can get over 24 hours with 7 of them being with the screen on. WTF? Mine can barely get to 15 hours with 6 SOT at most.
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    :boh: but this one works fine and doesn't have that retarted new style.
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    And back to the old one.
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    Fuck this new tapatalk.
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    2014 phones were pretty meh TBH, no big upgrades from their predecessors. With the new 64bit snapdragon 810, I have read some interesting rumors about samsung s6 and sony xperia z4.
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    Z2 :tuttosport:
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    :lol: The expectations were high but looks like they disappointed. Sony on the other hand looks like finally managed to have a great display and fix their camera, for me Xperia z2 is the best smart phone out there.
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    :howler: I used to do the same with iphone.
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    Haven't heard about that but aptoide is great.
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    Sony Xperia Z1 announced today
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    Sony Xperia i1 (Sony Honami) :tuttosport: Shock-, dust-, shatter-, water-proof, IP 55/58 5.0-inch 1920x1080 pixel Triluminos display, 16% wider colour gamut Carbon fiber frame; Dragontrail tempered glass front protection; Corning Gorilla Glass 3 back protection 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800...
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    When is 4.2.2 expected for S3?
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    Is there any Android verzion of "installous", to get free apps?