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  1. zizinho

    Claudio Marchisio

    Its sad to see him like that. He should go to a league where there arent many games to play and where he can take it more easy
  2. zizinho

    Premier League 2018/19

    They need culture changers. Like Conte, Pirlo, Vidal, Licht, Barza etc. were to us. They arent gonna accomplish anything by piling up expensive players into a toxic lockerroom
  3. zizinho

    Arturo Vidal

    That too. MVPP out and just Pjanic in wasnt enough. Khedira was good as a temporary transitional solution but we never built on
  4. zizinho

    Sandro Tonali - DM - Brescia

    He should be back after one season. Dont see a point in staying 2 more years there (2nd one back in B probably too)
  5. zizinho

    Marco Storari

    Get Barza in there with him as well
  6. zizinho

    Juventus Shirts 2018/19

    Roma twitter guy would have roasted them, our guy is just a Rugani
  7. zizinho

    Arturo Vidal

    Sellig him wasnt the issue. He was on decline and injury prone, we could have gotten more maybe but we did fine. Not replacing him is what hurt us, it should have been a top priority but we thoght wed manage by with Sami-Pogba. But we let Pogba go a year later and its been underwhelming ever since
  8. zizinho

    Kostas Manolas - CB - Roma

    And he can dribble the ball forward when we get pressed 1556128529 Sarri :green:
  9. zizinho

    Juventus Shirts 2018/19

    Getting roflstomped by Fulham once again. New low in the Agnelli era
  10. zizinho

    Juventus Shirts 2018/19

    This tweet is unavailable. What was it?
  11. zizinho

    Paul Pogba

    Pic with Kean? :klin: 1556120812 :fap::fap::fap:
  12. zizinho

    Juventus Shirts 2018/19

    And if you guys think thats all from adidas, just wait for the horizontal and diagonal stripe designs in the folliwing seasons :baus:
  13. zizinho

    Serie A 2018/19

    you should be banned until season ends tbh. you gonna ruin everything that remains to be ruined
  14. zizinho

    Other Leagues 2018/19

    Ajax with 111 goals in Eredivisie this season, most in the history of the league
  15. zizinho

    Juventus Shirts 2018/19

    a myth thats about to be debunked within the next 13 months
  16. zizinho

    The NBA Thread

    they werent gonna do so without adding KD/Kawhi this summer anyway, doubt he cares. but now that his name is up, id take him as the HC before any of the names mentioned so far (2 because i dont rate them at all, 3rd one i dont know anything about)
  17. zizinho

    Juventus Shirts 2018/19

    the GOAT of marketing
  18. zizinho

    The NBA Thread

    ffs :sergio: how do i get a meeting with Pelinka? i want to apply for HC as well, since everyone else got an interview already
  19. zizinho

    Juventus Shirts 2018/19

    its about damn time he does 1556053939 :scared: or STREET MARK
  20. zizinho

    Juventus Shirts 2018/19

    Dybala already at Newcastle :sad: 1556053780 Lavar would do to Ronaldo what EuroMaxx did to Labile, both sports 1556053814 :baus: